Article Analysis Essay on 'We Can Bring Back Riskier Playgrounds'

Paper Type:  Article review
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Wordcount:  640 Words
Date:  2022-04-12


The article 'A Happy Return to Riskier Playgrounds', discusses a very significant and emotive subject that touches the heart of every person, home, and family. This is because the playgrounds have been considered by most families to be extremely essential for the general growth and development and therefore, their absence raises very important parenting questions. Bringing back playgrounds in this context is used to mean adding some flavor to the existing playgrounds rather than just building new or more playgrounds to make them riskier for holistic child development. The flavour in the playgrounds is added in terms of the architectural designs, danger and beauty that is considered attracted and incorporative for human survival.

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The article gives an important chronological existence and use of the playgrounds in various parts of the world. Even though naturally people believe that playgrounds are for playing, this article gives a different meaning to the word playing by giving case examples of instances when the playgrounds were used for other important functions and the playgrounds were riskier than what we have currently. For instance, in the 1980s the playgrounds were used for the purpose of displaying arts and adventure. This is rather scary for most contemporary parents who consider playground to be useful for playing. Most of this parents cannot have a playground where there are hammers and woods used making various arts. However, it is possible that this was an exciting experience since the playgrounds must have brought many people together for the purpose of something so meaningful and important, that is art and adventure.

According to the article, Industrialization in the US seems to have an important force for the realization of what the current societies consider as playgrounds. This was mainly due to the rise of urban centers that necessitated the need for safer spaces where children could play safely and freely. In nearly all nations or parts of the world according to the article, the emergence of playgrounds sorted to solve the problem of risky playing condition for the children. The greatest concern was giving children safer places where they could freely without parents worrying about them. A chronological survey of the events that occurred in the 1940s and the 1970s voice concerns of parents for providing playing condition for their children. This concern was addressed through the physical provision of lawful and unwarranted playing space that came in different architectural designs and style that were believed to promote safety. The plea of the parents was addressed, but one wonders, however, if the children have become totally free and safe in the playgrounds that have been over the years.


The main significance of playgrounds that make them important for construction is the fact that they provide an opportunity for children to learn the culture of independence and cultivate the culture of responsibility. The independence is learn by exposing them to risks in thenplaygrounds. This is an issue that is vividly explained in the article making it significant for the addressing this important issues thus making it important not only for reading but also for informing people about the need to have playgrounds. The most significant issues that the article addresses almost in every analogy of the construction of various playgrounds is the issue of safety of the children. Even though this issue is very important, it is wise to have architectural designs that expose the children to little danger; the danger that may not hurt since being scared or facing danger is sometimes important for the realization of best development in children. This article achieves a milestone in passing the message an advocating for the need to have more playgrounds for children. It is therefore obvious that we can have a happy return of riskier playgrounds.


A Happy Return to Riskier Playgrounds. CityLab. 2017.

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