Essay Sample on My Writing Challenges: A Journey to Realization

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Date:  2023-01-24

In my entire lifetime I neither liked reading nor writing of any kind of literature work, not articles, magazines, novels, and any other piece of the journal. Personal expression while writing narratives have for long been a severe challenge. Not to mention the different sets of assignments which landed me into an unforgettable experience.

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I came to realize this challenge recently when one of my teachers ranked me the lowest in a particular piece of a book review that he gave us to do as a home assignment. The teacher called me and gave me an interview to explain precisely why I had to fail as such. In the process of answering him, the professor himself realized that my verbal communication skills were the best and incomparable with any other student that he has encountered in the whole of his teaching career. When asked to summarize on what I wrote quickly, the teacher was surprised that my points were incredibly right and promised to regrade my paper to a level. This proved my far high level of verbal expression.

The challenge of directing my mind into one particular task to write down my points correctly haunted me, but since I realize this, I have made several moves to help me adjust. One of the practices is by referring to the online sources and following various video tutorials of writing narratives. However, despite many trials that I have made to improve for the benefit of my education and easy understanding of my written piece of work by my favorite readers, there has not been any serious positive moves to improve my grammar in writing.

Moreover, my verbal expression skills have elevated my achievements in life. 70% of all the results that I have received in my entire life both as a student and as a professional worker, have been obtained immediately as applauses from various leaders in a live concert. Once again, I remember the times when I almost failed in a course and was not to graduate according to the policy laws that barred any student with a grade lower than B from graduation. Were it not for the professor who called me to understand my problem better; then I would have failed to graduate in that particular year. My reading and speaking skills convinced the teacher to grant me an excellent grade. I, therefore, learned the importance of having either skills, between reading and writing, other than the teacher giving me the grade I have also achieved many different prices from my live presentations.

This was very significant because, during the time of the presentation, I was speaking the articles that I had written. In the process, I could see a serious sense of confusion with the listeners, as majority misunderstood my written work, and were now getting new message different from what the literature experts had interpreted theoretically. This attracted the audience whenever I went to present, because, they were sure that, only me would reveal; the real story and explain exactly what I mean in my written books.

Furthermore, my skills in speech have allowed me to interact correctly with friends and other literary authors in the environment out of class. The whole story of my success has been laid outside class level because, in the quality, I was much confined in writing, a field that I wasn't perfect in. The environment also allowed me to express myself and the area of specialization, whereas, in the class, activities were more of conditions and rules. Also, I have used my reading and speech skills to expand myself financially by earning several awards in live events.

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