Paper Example on Organizational Leadership and Interprofessional Team Development

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Date:  2022-06-19


It is important to understand that an effective and appropriate organizational leadership, as well as interprofessional team growth, relies on the comprehension of a healthcare facility scheme. In this case, the stakeholders are advised to maintain the system modern as well as keep it in an orderly manner to offer maximum services for the patients served not forgetting the employees. With that said, it is noteworthy that patient-centered care in a healthcare facility can be influenced by various factors including reimbursement, regulatory needs, as well as business practices. Therefore, the current paper addresses different factors that play a critical role in ensuring patient-centered care within a hospital setting.

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It is evident that a healthcare organization can be affected by business practices, regulatory requirements, as well as reimbursement in different ways. Precisely, the aspects mentioned above influence a hospital in the following ways.

Business Practices

Some scholars maintain that when hospitals utilize patient-centered care approach, they heighten both employee and customer satisfaction. In particular, healthcare organizations that offer use of the aforementioned strategy is in a position to offer quality care and satisfactory services to their clients as well as their families. In this case, different individuals such as patients and their family members take part in recommending the facility because of the excellent services received from prior experiences. On the same not, employee satisfaction contributes to reducing worker turnout as well as heightened productivity and great working correlation among employees. Specifically, this rises staff retention that plays a critical role in enabling minimal training expenses of new workers. However, the hospital under research in this paper does not employ a patient-centered care strategy. It is important to comprehend that the organization in question uses the patient-centered care approach alongside its policy as well as procedures that govern it in the way it treats its clients not forgetting employees. In particular, the facility has general critical procedures as well as policies that were developed by the hospital staff. Specifically, Lauderdale Community Hospital is recognized for using its policies as well as procedures to ensure that its clients are satisfied.

Regulatory Requirements

It is important to understand that regulatory requirements are regarded as significant rules that govern an organization. Specifically, the regulations take part in ensuring effective and standard patient-centered care in various healthcare facilities. It is noteworthy that joint commission has played an integral role in comprehending individual patient demands as well as offering an appropriate guide for companies to meet the requirements. In particular, the demands above can be attained by adhering to the set roadmap for healthcare facilities. Notably, the preceding roadmap takes part in helping hospitals employ adequate and sound cultural competence, both patient as well as family-centered care, not forgetting effective communication in a standardized approach. It is evident that the joint commission perceives the aforementioned aspects as being a standard competence, they advocate for compliance as well as enforcement of the aforementioned measures. Therefore, healthcare facilities work hard to enhance their services to the available patients.


It is important to comprehend that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ensures that different healthcare facilities gather as well as submit HCAHPS information in case they were given to IPPS. In particular, the HCAHPS is well recognized in offering a comprehensive survey of different patients' views pertaining to the care they experience in various healthcare facilities. When they submit the acquired data, they are offered adequate yearly payment updates. It is clear that the information or even scores are employed in healthcare grounded buying payment computations. Therefore, utilizing the aforementioned hospital VBP implies that reimbursement is grounded on the quality of care provided.

Different hospitals need to comprehend that inadequate scores on the available HCAHPS take a substantial part in influencing a facility's reimbursement. The preceding procedure is regarded as a considerable incentive to enhance various patients' experience with the facility. On the same note, both Medicare, as well as Medicaid, possess critical standards of care that are important for different patients. The aforementioned standards are availed to enable continuity of healthcare facility quality enhancement as well as the health not forgetting the safety of the prevailing public. It is important to comprehend that the hospital in question is regarded as a critical access healthcare facility, which helps it receive cost-grounded reimbursement from Medicare. In particular, it is evident that this possesses a possibility of heightening incomes as they are eligible for cost and 1 percent reimbursement. However, healthcare facilities should comprehend that the aforementioned approach has a limitation of concentrating on a CAH on community demands as well as not patient-centered requirements.

Patient and Family Centered Care Tool

Setting Description

The healthcare facility in question is called Lauderdale Community Hospital. The hospital is located in a community with approximately 27,000 residents where about 26 percent of them come from poor backgrounds. It is important to comprehend that the facility under study is recognized as a critically assess hospital (CAH), which implies that the facility is certified to receive cost-grounded reimbursement from Medicare. In particular, the hospital has flexible Medicare conditions as compared to acute care healthcare facilities. It is important to comprehend that the hospital is a 25 bed located in rural area. Specifically, the facility plays a vital role in providing a rehab and nursing program that is Medicare-certified. On the same note, it offers short-term rehabilitative, therapeutic schemes. Additionally, the aforementioned CAH offers both occupational as well as physical therapy, cardiac rehab, Medical stabilization system, general surgery, as well as pulmonary rehab. The hospital calls many of the inpatients to swing bed because they are offered skilled nursing as well as adequate rehab services. Medicare plays an integral role in reimbursing the aforementioned facility for three wee...

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