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Latinos or in other word the Hispanics is a group of American people who get angry very fast due to some reasons. Anger has been defined as a hostile feeling that series in passion from frustration or infuriation to temper or wrath. It has been hypothesized as an attribute or state viewpoint. The concept of aggression is a feature like cognitive, distinguishing the description with expectations that others are prospective to foundations of bad things (Thomas & Smith, 2004). Anger has been treated as emotional while hostility has been interpreted as cynical. Emotional dysregulation is a state where an individual is involved in modulation of one's behavior in response to the internal and external stimuli. An angered person is not in the position of maintaining thoughts, expressions, actions and expressions within the acceptable range.

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Causes of Anger (Emotional Dysregulation) Among This Specific Client System

Scholars have argued that anger can be caused by coronary heart diseases in both males and females. Studies have shown that Latinos are at high risk of getting angered when compared to their counterparts, the non-Latinos. Another reason that is the cause of anger for Latinos is the promulgation of the systematic inflammation. It has been identified that lifelong passion in Latinos is the reason for the overstimulation of sympathetic-adrenal-medullary (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). Mood disorders are the types of causes that lead to violence. The effect of these disorders is that they alter the overall mood as a prolonged decrease in mood level. Or in other times the elevation perspectives. The mood disorders are also being identified to be having the effect of causing emotional hyperactivity(Gopalkrishnan, 2018). Panic disorder is the other reason that causes anger. The disease has been recognized with significant emotional dysregulation. On the other hand, there are the anxiety disorders have the chances of featuring emotional hyperactivity. Also people with, chemical dependency and alcoholism are also at the forefront of being affected by emotional dysregulation (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). Another cause of emotional dysregulation is the traumatic brain injury that includes the lobe disorders that are featured by dysregulation of emotions.

Causes of Anger for Adolescent Hispanic Males

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) of any king has also been noted as a cause of emotional dysregulation, and the makes an adult males have unstable emotions as they struggle with too much energy and impulsiveness. The main problem that is associated with Hispanic men with ADD is that they have a high probability of getting frustrated at the time when they are not able to complete the task or failing to act when they are supposed to (Satcher,2001). Their main problem is the way they explode with frustration, and the frustrations making their anger to establish which can even lead to hostility.

Also, Borderline Personality Disorder is the other disorder that is associated with mental health condition characterized by emotional dysregulation. Hispanics with Borderline Personality Disorder have characterized by mood swings, rocky relationships, and impulsive behavior. All these end up making an individual to be angered at the end of it all. Such people find it difficult to get into romantic relationships (Florsheim, Tolan, & Gorman-Smith, 1996). In the end, the condition can make the individual to establish a destructive behavior that includes harming themselves as well as committing suicide.

Cultural Considerations in Mental Health Interventions for Adolescent Hispanic Males

Cultural approaches have been carried in the attempts of creating a safe neighborhood environment within marginalized communities that include the Latino. It has been identified that cultural values have the effect of influencing attitudes and beliefs about health (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). Culture elements are dynamic and have the capability of shifting with different circumstances. The cultural traits are essential that are capable of shaping the experience of people of distress.

The culture of Hispanics have influences on the features of mental health. Hispanics tend to present their symptoms more with the cognitive approach. Stigma from society has been noted to be having a vital role in looking for treatment (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). The reality is that stigma has been reviewed as a sign of same, disapproval or disgrace and it results to the Hispanic individuals being rejected. They also face discrimination and are also excluded from being part of the various projects of the society. It is worth noting that stigma around depression as well as other mental illness (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). These are observed to have an effect of taking part in the higher levels in the case of the cultural groups. On the other hand, there is a significant barrier to individuals from different backgrounds when seeking to treat people from different Hispanic backgrounds.

The anger stigma to Latinos has an effect of making them feel ashamed, a situation that makes them decide on hiding their symptom. When they do, the danger is that they do not go out and look for treatment as per the needs of as signaled by the signs. It is only when the situation has turned to be cute, that they would now start seeking for the treatment of their condition.

Moreover, it is worth identifying that treatment seeking by Latinos is highly connected to the historical context of the Hispanic community. Scholars have argued that past trauma is mainly experienced by the first nation of individuals is complicated. The perceptions of the community concerning anger by the Latinos have an effect of leading to reduced utilization of mental health services.

Implications for Social Work Practice for Latinos

Licensed social workers in the United States are mainly Non-Hispanic Whites and are characterized with little awareness of the effects of discrimination and oppression. The level of preparedness and ability of social workers to deliver culturally competent services is essential in serving the growing population. The cultural competencies include the use of various, abilities, knowledge and skills in identifying how the culture affects the group and the individual (Gil, Vega, & Dimas, 1994). The self-awareness, as well as a reflection of the cultural beliefs behaviors and values, are shown through culturally respectful.

Many challenges face Latinos, mainly the ones who fall in the category. There is a limitation of proficient bicultural and bilingual mental health providers. It is worth noting that communication is an essential implication for social work practice. Obligations and family ties are requirements for the family. The Hispanic American are the minority are marginalized and are discriminated at the workplace by being angered easily. Hispanic community is not a homogenous group. Ecological factors are salient to Hispanic clients that are noted in surrounding conditions and satisfaction. The group has been noted as a poor working class of people.


Anger is an emotional feeling that is highly linked with the Hispanic culture.

Some disorders that affect the heart and brain are the reasons for causes of emotional dysregulation. Studies have shown that Hispanics are the group of individuals that prone to the threat of getting angered unlike the case of the non-Hispanic males. Other disorders that are the cause of anger to Hispanic Males Attention deficit disorder. Hispanic males with the ADD are noted to have the highest probability of getting frustrated when they failed to reach completion of their tasks. It has also been concluded that Hispanic males with Borderline Personality Disorder have moody swings, impulsive behavior, and rocky relationships.

The cultural practices of Hispanics have been identified to be affecting the behavior of Hispanic men belongs towards issues that come on their way. The culture features are much of importance as they help in the shaping of the experiences of the distressed individuals. Anger by male Hispanics has led to a situation that makes them face stigma from the wider community. The effect of the stigma and discrimination has been noted as the reason behind their behavior of failing to identify their failure at an early stage or even recognizing symptoms while late for the interventions.


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