The Key to Success: Essay Sample on Self-Belief and Courage

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Date:  2023-01-20


"It is easy to stand with the crowd but takes courage to stand alone". Believing that you can do great without an external influence is the spirit of some successful businessmen. Knowing oneself is the beginning of wisdom, and when this knowledge is combined with self-belief and courage, the results are overwhelming. Many people believe that to be a successful business owner, and one must be socially stimulated in other words, be an extrovert. This is contrary to reality since the best performing entrepreneurs turn to be those that work alone, i.e. introverts (Bernstein, 2015). Below are the reasons as to why introverts prove to be the best entrepreneurs;

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Firstly, introverts talk less and listen more. A good leader should be a person who looks more and is never quick at communicating. This virtue, especially from a leader of an organization, enhances a pleasant working environment among the employees. Employees feel valued when a leader allows them to present their grievances. The trait may not be familiar with extroverts since the more they do is talk and are less receptive, i.e. give less attention to what the other person has to say. Bruna, the founder of Clarion Enterprises, limited echoed, where he noted that extrovert leaders with extroverts employees are a liability since they are less receptive to situations (Bernstein, 2015). This, therefore, makes introverts to be the best choice of a leader.

Secondly, introverts leaders are very humble. As much as leaders are expected to take pride in whatever they do, humility should accompany them too. However, many extroverts leaders are found to have this trait also but are in no comparison with the introverts' ones since they never set a priority of others one hates a humble leader, and for that matter one gains respect from all employees regardless of their position. Moreover, an ordinary person is at a better place of learning his/her weaknesses and strengths since they pay attention to what other people say about them. An entrepreneur by the name Jeff once said, "Humility entails the ability to acknowledge mistakes, imperfections, knowledge gaps and limitations - all key ingredients for getting ahead in business and life." Thus, an introvert leader is at a higher chance of achieving goals as compared to an extrovert (Casson, 2005).

Thirdly, introverts are very comfortable in working alone. From the initial definition, extroverts gain their motivation from people while introverts are self- motivated. A good leader, however, requires time apart to be able to innovate new ideas. This is a bonus to the introverts since they are already used to living in their minds. With this character, they can brainstorm new ideas, and this makes them good innovators as compared to extroverts who can never function alone (Casson, 2005). Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, said that, " .....Most investors live in their heads and work best alone". A piece of tough advice indeed for the extroverts.

Besides, introverts are the most creative among all most of the high ranked writers, investors and even artists possess introverts personalities. However, many extroverts showcase creativity, too, but you can never compare natural creativity with the acquired one. Introverts are advantageous in the sense that they can come up with new ideas and solutions which might take time for the extroverts since they have to acquire it from other people.

Moreover, introverts, unlike extroverts, exude calmness and wisdom. For instance, we have all witnessed a case where a group of women and men are involved in an argument, but one among them doesn't take part in the talk but quietly listens to their conversation. It comes a time when he speaks out, and the entire group falls quiet and echoes everything he says. True or false? Calmness is mostly associated with wisdom. Introverts, contrary to extroverts, are associated with calmness even if it may not necessarily mean they are wiser than the extroverts (the Chu, 2000). The calm character of the introvert earns them respect in return, which is a bonus for them.

Lastly, introverts are the kind of people who don't seek glorification, but instead, they aim at creating and bettering their skills. They like specializing in one field where there happen their skills until make it happen at any cost.


Conclusively, introverts make the best entrepreneurs as compared to the extroverts since they are good listeners, humble, work entirely alone, are highly creative and possess calmness that is associated with wisdom. There is hope therefore for all introvert persons who aspire to be a leader somewhere, and in case of selecting a leader, there is need to consider the above advantages of an introvert leader (the Chu, 2000). In any organization or field in general, a good and great leader is vital for the growth of it thus selecting a competent leader who can take the organization to the next level is essential and thanks to the great attributes of an introvert which shows a great leader who can bring significant value.


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