Essay Sample on Managing Employee Conflict: Strategies for Organizations

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In various major organizations that deal with a large number of employees, employers find so hectic to manage especially when there are continuous disagreements in the organization. The conflict may exist either between a junior and a fellow junior or it may be between a senior who is the manager in this case with a junior. Both have got great impacts towards achieving success in any business and therefore there is a lot of need to mitigate some appropriate plans within institutions to ensure that peace, harmony, and trust are not left behind when looking at the core attributes of the workers (Lee, 1999).

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To effectively manage this, managers should always apply the following: managers should always apply low tone replies to their juniors whenever the form of disagreements arise. This can help in cooling the tempers down, rather than addressing the issues with anger, it is possible that the situation will worsen even more and lead to more hatred. Hatred in inversely proportional to the success of any business, there will be a lack of understanding and this is one among the major drawbacks of success in any organization (Alstete, 2008).

Secondly, the management should always look deep into the root cause of the problem. In most occasions, a conflict may openly break up in an organization if, for a long time, the thing has been building up. It is not logical that one mistaken another just in a single day and then there erupts a war immediately. As a good manager who aims at improving the sales and making the business grow higher, it is necessary to investigate gradually after the occurrence of the matter to get the causes and the relationship of the workers at third level. If by chance one is found then it is important that elimination is done or pieces of advice given so that in future no similar occurrences take place (Hyyari, 2006).

Mediation is also a good remedy for solving conflicts in business. Managers should be able to maintain good terms with their employees at all times so that when issues of conflict arise in the business setup, it becomes easy to approach the workers and talk to them individually. it is not advisable to address the issue immediately after its occurrence but healthier to wait for some time and arrange when both are free and not disturbed with anything. If two or more workers were involved in the chaos, then all of them may be called at once or it can be done on an individual basis to efficiently collect each and every person's views on the cause of the problem (Moore, 2014).

Ways of Avoiding Conflicts

The managers must always ensure that, after each and every progress, workers are motivated and congratulated by the use of either word or using some kind of presents. The habit may create a sense of hard work in the minds of the workers to ensure that in future they again make new progress (Smoller, 2003). Another main thing to ensure is open communication with the juniors in a business organization, open communication can eventually make one employer reveal some of the secrets happening at the lowest levels, or plans by some members to do something bad that could lead to negative deviation or collapse of a business (Ganson, 2011). Through this, it is possible to identify those trusted individuals and those that are untrustworthy.

What Makes A Great Leader?

In order to maintain and manage the conflicts successfully in an organization, the leaders chosen must have all the leadership qualities required. According to Harvard business review, done around two decades ago, it clearly states that to be a successful leader, skills of handling the plenty of demands and issues is required. Self-awareness is the first attribute required, this refers to the skill of understanding emotions in the order of their occurrence and avoid checking into them as negative or positive but despite one should categorize it as either appropriate or inappropriate. A very good relationship of this attribute with the issue of solving conflicts is anger, the majority do perceive that anger is an emotion whereas when reconsidered, it can also be taken as a reasonable and appropriate emotion (Zaccaro, 2004).

Another attribute of a good leader should be assertiveness, this is the ability of a leader to express his feelings, opinions or convictions correctly. This, therefore, can eventually lead to effective communication in the organization, a factor that is responsible for the avoidance of conflicts in a business stop.

Empathy is also not an exception when considering the attributes of a good leader, it is the ability of one to feel, be aware, understand and be able to interpret the matters correctly. With this bit of understanding, then a leader can always avoid rushing into issues and have that knowledge to approach the persons involved such that they don't see as the manager is troublesome, corrupt, or as if he favors one individual.

Another attribute is independence, leaders should be able to solve problems correctly by themselves and avoid consulting fellow members of an organization. This may create inconvenience since there may be a possibility of getting wrong advice that will address the conflict in a different way and may sometimes lead to prolonged disagreements.

The ability to communicate properly and state what specifically one requires of his juniors is also a major concern. The ideas or opinions passed to the workers should be precise and clear enough for easier understanding.

The last common attribute is feedback, the leader must be able to address his workers on which ideas he has. Show them how they will be done and all plans for the particular launched idea.

Running Effective Meetings

As a good leader, effective meetings should be running in the business to ensure that all employees are left happy and energized after the meeting. Meetings are a very essential part of ensuring success or achievement of goals. When properly done, the idea discussed, instructions or the corrections highlighted with the manager can be put into use and lead to positive deviation in terms of profitability of improved efficiency. Effective meetings should have the objectives set clear, ensure that those invited are the correct persons who match with the product or operations dealt with. Ensure that time is properly managed and ensure that that phrases such as "we will take the shortest time possible..." and fail to adhere to it are avoided.


In conclusion, it is important for the managers to always ensure that they remain in proper agreement with the workers and usually be ready to solve any emerging issues that would be predicted to lower the customer's morale of work.


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