Quality Cleaning Services Company Example

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Quality Cleaning Services (QCS) is an emerging commercial cleaning company based in Stratford CT. The organization serves a broad range of customers statewide. QCS aims to offer exceptional cleaning service experiences that will build strong relationships with regular loyal customers and catch the interest of new clients. The company's focus is to increase revenue by aligning performance management with a business strategy that actively identifies the needs of our customers (customer satisfaction).

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Reason for Selecting Client

I selected this organization for my client for the following reasons: Quality Cleaning Services (QCR) is faced with various challenges. The company has experienced the decrease in sales, the possibility of being bought-out, layoffs/staff reduction, the budget crisis and negative social external influences (reviews, etc.). The challenges that are has been faced with has escalated to the extent of sabotaging the quality of their service delivery, therefore making it a challenge to meet their clients' needs, some of their clients have opted to terminate their corporation with the company and are seeking the same services somewhere else; it has affected the profit margin of the company; hence it is shrinking from time to time.

I have to ensure that J.E.S & Associates Consultant Firm has identified the challenge that will make the company reinstate into its former form. Communication was identified as one of the challenges that are affecting the operation of the QCR company, and it is an issue to be focused and relevant solution to be made and implemented

Strategies for Addressing Biases, Limitations, and Assumptions

First, it will be highlighting the main issues and indicate the important issues for action. We can comprehend with the attitudes that the current and the scope of communication breakdown in the organization, which lights up the matters to be solved. Advanced statistics will be necessary to know the areas to be addressed. The statistics would be collected by the used of the suggestion box for the workers' and clients'.

The second will be considering the views of other parties who are affected by the communication issue in the company. Different stakeholders might be having their different opinions on the Quality Cleaning Services (QCS) communication problem, where they understand its genesis and what can be done counter the issue. Customers will be engaged in the utilization of customer satisfaction surveys where a clear and measurable analytic feedback on the employees overall performance will be gathered (Fui-Hoon Nah, Lee-Shang Lau, & Kuang, 2001). This kind of survey measurement tool will guarantee that all the concerns given by the customers are taken into account.

The subsequent approach will be getting into the baseline of the issues. Verification of the claims brought forward will be necessary, J.E.S & Associates Consultant Firm will get to understand the past and the current performance of the company and establish whether the provided information supports what is collected from the stakeholders.

Since the problem together with it is extend has been established, the solution for the problem is what will be identified. The following steps factors need to be implemented to the organization to ensure that there is internal cooperation among workers to maximize their efforts towards customer delivery of the services, harmony among themselves and to promote the growth of their services to their targeted customers.

The workers together with the management need to take time to listen to one another while at work; there is no need to monopolize the conversation. The workers need to be prudent with their words, and they need to avoid fluff and fillers.

Also, the workers need to be mindful of their language at all times; it is important to learn how to use words of etiquette that will not evoke bad perception from their colleagues or clients. The use of body language and tone variation will contribute heavily to enhance communication. Maintain facial expression and relaxed stance while speaking in the workplace (Du, Bhattacharya, & Sen, 2010).

J.E.S & Associates Consultant would encourage formal communication to be used, and all protocol observed when addressing important issues. Communication can be done at a departmental level. From the professional point of view, instead of using verbal and gesture communication, the organization can also embrace the electronic communication. For example, social media, email, text messages and phone calls can also be used as the mode of communication. Since the QCS as a cleaning company, most of the workers are remotely located and not centrally located. Therefore remote connection is the one that will favor their kind of operation (Malina& Selto, 2001).

Last but not least, J.E.S & Associates Consultant Firm will implement regular feedback, this will offer a platform to address issues when they are still insignificant before they escalate. Those who will feel uncomfortable with one kind of implementation would share with others and seek the appropriate replacement. The feedback will also focus on the progress of the company and whether the solutions have solved like the decrease in sales, the possibility of being bought-out, layoffs/staff reduction, the budget crisis and negative social external influences.

The theory behind the Practice

The role of communication is typical in the workplace, teamwork together with remote work. Communication gives the overview feedback of what everyone in the business cycles; it helps in identifying the milestones achieved by the company and the challenges that they are facing. The communication channel should not only be at the administrative level, but also the workers, both the front office and back office, as well as the customers.

Malina & Selto, (2001), defines communication as "a process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More specifically, it is the process by which meanings are perceived, and understandings are reached among human beings." Communication is a basis of interaction both internal and external level s of the organization; in that case, business is guided with the come certain principle of communication that ensure that the communication is effective and formal. The channel of communication to be used for communication will determine the effectiveness of communication (Fui-Hoon Nah, Lee-Shang Lau, & Kuang, 2001). The wrong channel will hinder how the information is passed among the employees.

Ulmer, Sellnow & Seeger, (2017), resonates that the flow of information is critical for the managerial efficiency as well as the decision-making process in general especially for the human resources manager since the departments need to have contact with the mangers from different departments, workers, employees as well as trade union leaders.

Therefore, communication is a basis for assisting the people understands the revolving misunderstanding creating clarity and long terms solutions of thought and expressions. Depending on the type of business and structure of operation, the business protocol of communication may vary as follows downward, diagonal, horizontal, intrapersonal, interpersonal, intra-organisational, and interdepartmental.


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