Essay Sample on KNBS: Serving the Public Interest in John Street, California USA

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Date:  2023-01-02


KNBS is a broadcasting station that got developed to enrich the knowledge of every individual in John Street, California, the United States about various aspects of their lives. These aspects could be civic, local politics (propaganda), leisure (current music and games), education, social issues and current affairs. With this in mind, the station aimed at wholeheartedly serving the public interest and being of convenience. After a month of overseeing the various aspects of the performance of the station, a review was performed to determine if it is of the essence to renew its license.

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Factors considered to determine renewal of the license include; its ability to serve the public interest and its locality. The public interest could get defined as the comfort of the community. A station is considered to serve the public interest if it does not provide false information to the public, is easily accessible, offers equal freedom to the society to air different views and gives information either civic, educational, political or on social issues affecting the society. It should also avoid indecent material; a station is also known to portray a particular culture. Culture could get defined as a society's way of life. This incorporates religion, festivals, and society views on race, sexuality, gender roles and moral values.

Aspects of performance reviewed include; customer service. This implies how well the station responded to the customers. It involved regular checking of emails and fast response to a customer in case they air suggestions of the stations' improvement. Over the month, this was a success. This kept the station updated on what precisely the public needed and thus provided it unlimitedly. It is, therefore, necessary to renew the licence to provide for the public needs continuously.

Another aspect was how the station interacts with its viewers. KNBS provides platforms such as live programs and official website. It also encourages people to attend live events. An example of these public events is social games (the 1st annual Battle of the Badges Basketball Fundraiser). After such an event, the public is more grateful for the initiative. Their uploads see this on the website. This suggests that it is a necessity for the community.

Another aspect is programming. This involves choosing programs that well-benefit society. Programs with details on love issues, the current political status of the society, entertainment and financial aspects of the society. In KNBS, various organisation aid in the development of content. This includes; "Telemundo Salinas Monterey", "Wolf House Radio Group", "The Monterey County Herald" and "Granite Construction Company" Each program developed is incorporated and given an equal chance of screen time. This makes it easier for them to tackle most aspects the public is interested in.

Besides, another aspect used is the amount of education content contained in the programs. In KNBS, most programs are content filled. A soap such as "Telemundo Salinas" teaches on how to relate to one another and to resolve various family conflicts peacefully. A program such as "Lifeline TV" educates on the various health issues in society. This is thus beneficial.

It is therefore clear that the KNBS station does focus on public interest and convenience throughout its operations. This seen in good customer service, good programming, involving the public in their events and high educational content. This thus warrants renewal of the stations' licence.

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