Essay Sample on Impacts the Travel Ban Policy on Illegal Immigrants

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Date:  2023-01-04

The travel ban policy had significant impacts on various immigrants used to traveling to the United States. It brought a lot of suspension for the different refugee administrations in the U.S which deals with registering the refugees. The ban policy limited the people of other nations like Syria from visiting their friends in the U.S. More than 3742 spouses were denied a chance to visit their partners in the United States. It also denied visa application to those who wish to work or study in the U.S, the adopted children from those banned nations were also disadvantage because they were not allowed visit their parent (Wells, 2007). Additionally, those children separated from their parents brought a claim that the federal officers beat them up, by stripping them naked and strapped to chairs while caring bags on their heads.

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Children held in Shiloh treatment center is reported to have been given antipsychotic drugs which made the children sleepy, incapacitated and others reported unable to work. Additionally, due to the travel ban, I have led to decreasing number of visas given to immigrant from the nations banned by the administration of trump hence those nations cannot access education or job opportunities in the United States. This policy has also led to reductions in employment rate to 3.8 percent because the deported of an immigrant, (Pierce& Selee 2007). Moreover, the businessmen from the banned nation cannot be able to transact their business in the U.S.

The immigration ban policy under Trump has promoted a lot of inequalities, especially to the Muslim community who are not given the same opportunities to access the U.S to further their studies or get employment. Have impacted the economy of the united state in that it has led to reducing labor due to the restriction of visa in different countries, the different companies in the U.S have also lost their talented employers hence reduction in the companies outputs. The zero-tolerance policy also separates the children who still need parents care hence subjecting them to a psychological disorder.


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