Essay Sample on Gucci's "Blackface" Incident

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Date:  2022-12-02


Gucci is a luxury brand of leather and fashion products founded in Italy. It was established by the Gucci in Florence in 1921. It is the biggest seller of Italian products. It is one of the most preferred brands in the fashion industry. This brand is providing an elusive mix of casual styles and runaway chic design for women and men in the entire world. The company has continually provided its consumers with high quality and leading designer goods as compared with other business ("Gucci swot analysis / swot matrix," n.d.).

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Issues at Hand

Gucci luxury brand fashion industry based in Italy was recently criticised for investing $890 in producing a sweater which is composed of a turtleneck similar to blackface. This lead to a fierce call for the fashion industry to engage in an enormous diversity. The sweater was characterized by a pull-up collar consisting of a cutout mouth and bright red which encloses the lips. It was meant to be an accolade to a wealthy Australian performance designer and artist. Based on information from Gucci creative director, however, the company faces the wrath from African-American celebrities engaging their social media followers against buying the brand.

Gucci's SWOT Analysis


Gucci industry is the leading and famous fashion brand globally and has portrayed its strong brand existence in the international market. The company has also increased the value of its products by associating with the automobile companies such as FIAT, General Motors and Ford. Moreover, it has collaborated with most leading agencies such as UNICEF for the provision of its products. The brand has ensured a smooth supply of their products in various countries by maintaining their outlets in those markets. Also, robust product portfolio has been maintained by the brand in which watches, clothes, apparels, and other products are generally available to clients, quick distribution channels, provision of products to clients through different suppliers, and popularity of fashion among its clients.


The weaknesses faced by the company include the risk of dilution of the product brand due to a wide range of diversified products. It also has a weak financial position which can prevent the brand from carrying out its activities and attaining a profit in its earnings. Further, it has a huge amount of funds needed due to the expansion of activities.


The brand should make an effort of introducing new and unique manufactured dresses and other accessories. It should concentrate on emerging and current dominating luxury market. Also, it launch their products in countries that have not reached and take advantage of the healthy competitive market by making it strong between the brands. Emerging middle class in many developing countries creates a market for the company.


Consistent change in rules and regulation pertaining taxation policy imposed on various products promote negative impacts in the minds of clients. The consumers of their products can obtain substitutes from the market thus affecting their business. Stiff competition from other brands in the market with new designing techniques and style of their dresses ("Gucci swot analysis / swot matrix," n.d.)


Despite the fact that Gucci management apologize for the act, the fashion industries should go back to the drawing board and rethink their hiring strategy, diversity and concentration on creating difference. They should be informed on the global marketplace and varying consumer values. They should also know how to design and offer their advertising campaign to convey the point without hurting other people cultures. Moreover, there is a need for brands to have full knowledge on American culture and heritage, research culturally fit marketing, and ensure the corporate structure is flexible such that no creative director should have complete power concerning the product design.


Gucci is a company that strive to give the best to their clients through provision of quality goods, and diversification of goods to clients. It also maintain its top rank in the popularity of its products. The company provides quick distribution of goods by working with various agencies such as UNICEF and increasing outlets of their products in multiple countries.


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