Essay Sample on Good Grammar & Brevity: Keys to Technical Writing Success

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Date:  2023-02-11

1. For good writing, there should be the use of good grammar for the piece of work to have a flow which will captivate the reader. Poor grammar will only make the work boring and the reader will even misinterpret the work. Secondly, good technical writing should adhere to brevity instead of being too wordy; it should get to the point in the least words possible. Also, those words should be clear and communicate to the reader the exact intended purpose for the writing.

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2. Technical writing features a step by step process whereby there are procedures explained such that anyone can understand it and achieve a specific goal. Academic writing, on the other hand, is linked to a specific discipline or subject and is mostly used in articles and other scholarly materials. They differ in the lingo as well as their styles since academic writing is linked to specific expertise on a topic whereas technical writing is to convince or influence on a concept.

3. Technical writing skills can come in handy in emergencies since first of all it is a summary of the facts regarding an issue meaning that the technical skills can summarize the emergency in the shortest time possible therefore enabling the helpers to understand the situations and what needs to be done. If there are items needed, the technical skills will enable one to summarize and categorize them by relevance hence getting the emergency requirements in the shortest time possible.

4. For one to consider their interests primary, one has to appeal to the reader's interests and connect them with the current idea to convince them that their interests are primary. Provision of facts and statistical data and examples involving their interests will spark up the interest and raise their priorities, therefore, making their interests primary.

5. The most effective means to reach your audience is by grasping their attention by sparking their interest in the topic being discussed. First of all, it essential to understand your audience and their nature so as to know the appropriate information to tell them as well as the level of jokes to tell them in order to make them want to hear more. Another effective way to reach the audience is by providing relevant content which is useful to the audience and in most cases which they have never heard before. Finally, since we are in a technological era, it is important to connect with the audience via social media and hashtags so that you can show the audience you have some things in common and also to reach them even after the meeting.

6. In our daily lives, it is impossible to avoid processes and instructions since they are what bring order and harmony to society. A simple example is when getting ready to go out. One has to follow simple steps that are ingrained without our knowledge like preparing the clothes to wear, taking a bath, taking breakfast and before going, prioritizing the places to go. These steps have a certain sequence that we follow unconsciously but are not written anywhere.

7. It is important to be prepared for emergencies and the most suitable means is by seeking grants. The first commonplace that one can secure a grant is from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This aids local governments and the state in general with recovery and disaster mitigation. Within FEMA, there is Fire Management Grant Assistance Program (FMAG) which specializes in extinguishing of fires. When there is a major disaster that has been declared by the president, another grant becomes available known as Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) among numerous other grants which are found in FEMA.

8. The importance of knowing who your audience is coming in handy since one will know exactly what to say to convince the person and show the relevance of the matter. Equally, one will also know what not to say that may upset the audience or make them uninterested hence the relevance of understanding your audience.

9. Yes, there is once whereby it entailed compiling a project and therefore writing a progress report to explain how far it has reached, what it entails and what additional information is needed. Also, the estimated amount of time required to complete the project so that the one reading this project can have a better insight and estimate the time of completion. This is the importance of compiling a progress report in any situation.

10. The best way to ethically apply this is by simply not showing any signs of going and when it reaches the time to go you just vanish as if you were never there in the first place. Alternatively, some people may still deem this as unethical so another means is by preparing to go to college openly and letting people read between the lines. Afterward, when they find you are not around, they will conclude that you went to college although you did not directly tell them.

11. It mainly depends on the nature of the job as well as the reason for applying for this job. One may have emergency issues regarding money yet there is no source so the best way to get money is to lie that you will be there fulltime. When it reaches school time, it is ethical to write a letter and apologize for telling them that you will be there permanently and the reason was that you needed money. A newspaper company is a large company and in no time there will be a replacement and you will have the required money, therefore, granting someone a job. This can be seen as a win-win situation.

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