Poetry and Graphic Design Essay

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Date:  2022-03-07

Art is perceived in many different forms, sizes, and shapes. Poetry as a word evokes meaning and beauty in itself, and it is a literary piece of art that represents the expression of feelings, experiences, and emotions in a way that is rhythmic and musical for exciting pleasure, elevated thoughts, and imaginative punchlines. Writing, as well as performing poetry, can have a therapeutic effect in that it may enable someone to heal from wounds, both emotional and psychological (Chilton, 2015). Also, one can impact the lives of other people who have experienced the same circumstances through poetry. For most people, poetry is a way of expressing what is difficult to express normally as well as to understand what is otherwise hard to understand. Good poetry is beautiful and satisfying not only to create but also to perform to others and impact their lives in the process. It is because poetry, just like any art, can reach the inner unconscious thoughts of someone that ordinary language cannot.

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Ordinary language is straightforward and simple, but Poets use language that is more artistic and is a medium for expressing emotion and feelings in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful. Moreover, the language used by poets is an aesthetic material that is worthy of appreciation in and of itself because of the sounds and visual appearance and not necessarily due to the semantic meaning. Graphic design is also a form of art that uses computer-aided images to make artistic designs for commercial use. It is the art of selecting and arranging various elements such as symbols, colors, and images to convey a message to an audience. It is different from poetry in that while poetry's primary motive is to express emotions and feelings, graphic design images are often for commercial purposes. Graphic design and poetry; however, have a lot in common because the two can be used together interchangeably to create more expressive and aesthetic pieces of art, both can complement each other in remarkable ways.

Poetic thought has been incorporated in graphic design to make it more expressive through outstanding creative visual language, and this is possible because poetry enables the creation of mood in a three-dimensional graphic design making it more relatable. Poets use metaphors to invite the audience to imagine and create a visualization into what the words express and this mostly has something to do with the meaning of the poem as well as the relationship between the poem and the reader (White, 2018). Graphic designers have to fix an image and so like a poet uses a metaphor, designers use images for added impact on the messages they convey. Graphic design can allow for the integration of word and image in a coherent whole, making it possible to create art of greater interest hence increasing people's appetite for both poetry and graphics design. People do not realize it, but everything in design counts just the same way every word in a poem counts.

Currently, it is very easy to access poetry by simply searching websites such as the poetry foundation and poetry as art only affects those people who see it and understand it. Poetry has allowed me to see art not as an agent of change in the society but rather as a companion for change this is because a piece of poetry or a song is a personal expression, it is what happens to an artist that ends up being expressed. Generally, I think about artistic practice as having some social responsibility, whether it is to educate, entertain, or to enable people to experience higher frequencies of emotional vibration. It is true for poetry and music, and so every time I make art, my basic objective is to connect to my audience in a way that will leave a positive impact on the lives. Besides, poetry and music have influenced me to believe that art is not only for personal expression but also the expression of the excellence and beauty that is a reality because art is everything. The computer graphic revolution is going to affect humanity more than any art in the history of humankind.

Graphics design as an artistic practice can use various aspects of poetry to achieve better results in the way it conveys information to an audience. To begin with, the use of descriptive imagery can be used to attract a viewer and guide their eyes across the design, when the imagery easily portrays the viewpoint of the artist and relates to the audience then it becomes effective (Laing, 2016). Just as in poetry, imagery can be used in design to provoke more imagination hence leave a more permanent effect on an audience. Characteristics of imagery such as color, shapes, and styles are very useful in design because they help the artist form an image that is attractive and aesthetic. Also, just as repetition is used in poetry to put emphasize on an idea or feeling, it can shape design by allowing the reuse of similar elements through design to bring a similar impact in an audience as poetry does. It can develop a sense of urgency or stress on a particular idea in the design. Going forward, the integration of poetry into the design will make the two art forms be more appreciated by different audiences and hence achieve the objectives intended.

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