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Labour in all scenarios forms the most crucial organizational resource, in consideration to product or service mobilization in achieving the most output. The most intriguing factor in as much as this inevitable labor resource is concern is not its impacts but rather a valuation associated with it in any production procedure. According to Bennett, (2018) research on ethical wages, employers are responsible to all their employees in ensuring that they not only pay a fair fees that are reasonable to organizational profits but also in all situations ensuring that they reach a position of living wage, a wage regarded to be a decent enough to sustain comfortably sustain employees basic needs. This theory has been supported by most employee protection organizations in arguing that labor, unlike another resource in any production process pertains human, which comes with human rights responsibility. In support to a living wage, mode of employee compensation, a number of both governmental and nongovernmental labor organizations, domestically and internationally have risen over the years to protect employees against what is considered (Byrne, Fernald & Reinsdorf, 2016). However, Bennett, (2018) argues contradictory to the first theory, with the conclusion that regarding the fact that labor is just another form of production resource should in all manner be valued by the interrogation of demand and supply. This theory has, however, been outlined by most governmental and private organizational policies, which pertains to human rights and ethics, and the former highlighted. This study seeks to analyze the ethical wage rates, the risk associated with the working environment and its' medication, length of the workday, and the parties in concern as pertaining to United States' stakeholders.

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According to Clarke (2001), retaining employees ought to be one of the significant objectives of any corporation. Employees frequently leave their present employments to search for better positions, remuneration, and self-improvement in better working environments and companies. Regularly, the top company administration neglects the desire for employees to have additional opportunities by improving their skills. Along these lines, the administration will frequently overlook the requirement for spurring their employees, hindering them partake in workshops that will enable them to develop independently. This case often leaves works with the alternative of moving to companies that think about the necessities and estimations of their laborers. All things considered, the organization which loses its representatives regularly keeps running into misfortunes and endures decreased production levels. As different investigations have demonstrated, it is, in this way, significant for the administration of any organization to think about the requirements, qualities, and needs of its workers. This will guarantee that the organization progresses in an objective direction, helping its workers accomplish their objectives, while additionally achieving its monetary and benefit targets. Poor job satisfaction often results in occupation stress, discontentment. How well a company looks after its employees influence the rate of workers' turnover. Along these lines, it is significant that the administration of any business progress in the direction that guarantees stuff growth internally and externally and without overlooking the feelings of anxiety among staff as insignificant (Masood, 2013). The employees require constant persuasion to have the correct mentality towards their employments and guarantee that the economic situations and conditions are right for the workers. Thinking about these issues as the administrator's increases the chances of employee turnover that will continue rising, and this may influence the production levels in organizations around the globe.

Ethical Wage Rate

According to Pew Research Centre, despite psychologist, scientific engineers and accountants coming together to define what is considered to be a fair wage, a specific figure could remain just relevant to a short period of time due to inflation, nominal rates, increment in cost of production and change in standard of living over time (Werner & Lim, 2016). However, these scholars all agree on some terms that included having a minimum wage, the rationale of equal pay and considering the comparison worth in all compensation procedures. Where equal pay came from 1963 "equal pay act meant to fight racial and women discrimination on matters of wages, the policy which means same pay for equal job and not 'equivalent' job has been a tool towards fair workers remuneration whereas comparison worth a refinement of equal pay, agitated payment of employees in relation to their worth in the organization they work in. A good number of US organizations and institutions have impressed the procedures of equivalent and comparison worth compensation mechanism which has, in turn, promoted fair wage rates across the country. According to Carr, Haar, Hodgetts, Arrowsmith, Parker, Young-Hauser & Jones, (2019) reports, US minimum wage rate varied from country to country where it ranged from 7 to 9 dollars for tipped workers and 8 to 12 dollars for the rest of the workers. However despite all this efforts to rationalized remuneration according to a studies done by Institute for Women Policy and Research, women earn relatively less wages to men, to an extent even women CEO and vice president merely make 80 percent of what men earn on average, this disparity associated with home responsibilities task on more on women than men, for instance, frequent maternity leave only affecting female employees (Auspurg, Hinz & Sauer, 2017).

Previous work history became another matter of concern that widens the cap of income disparities for experienced workers and new graduate job-seeking youths. According to Masood, (2013), organizations have for a long time upon enrolment of new employees ask their previous earnings and compensate them slightly higher than that giving older adults high chances of earning more than the younger generation. United States government in a bit to compact this has ban employers against adopting history baseline in deciding what to pay their employees. It is evident that procedures set by-laws that include minimum wage, equal pay, comparison worth and the day rates set have significantly achieved some level of fair wage, but the concept of ethics in matters to do with remuneration is more than that, ethics agitates that management should apart from considering all the discussed facts offer rational wages in relation to organizational profits. An innovative compensation scheme were managers, apart from considering countries' law requirement must consider corporate turn over increment merits not only owners but also employees.

Health and Safety in the Work Place

As far as human labor is a concern, decent wages extends beyond mere remuneration to the safety and health of the working environment. Unlike in the distant past where the employer would sign a contract with no consideration of the risk exposure in the workplace, all concerns and difficulties best owned on remuneration, modern compensation systems requires the employer to provide in all possible manner a healthier and safer environment for their employees. Under health and safety concerns, employer is task with the first responsibility of informing their employees the danger or risk associated with a given environment so as to make informed decisions, secondly is to have the employee covered against the occurrence of the possible risk, highly risk situations bearing the highest cover (Friend & Kohn, 2018).

Length of Workday

Length of the workday, frequency of breakage, and the intensity of task in the workplace also form a parcel of a decent wage. This is due to the consideration that most managers unlike in the past, modern managers would prefer to compensate their employees based on the work done and not the just for appearing to be present in the workplace. Time and intensity, the value of the work done therefore forms the formulas for which employees are compensated in the United States, especially under most of the non-office work (Wendsche, Hacker & Wegge, 2017). It is universally accepted that workingduration8 hours a day, but what has remained contradictory is the number of weeks that one is supposed to be working for a week, although a right amount of organizations in the United States work for five days a week there are still significant number of employees that work up to seven days a week, especially pertaining casual sectors. According to Cengiz, Dube, Lindner & Zipperer, (2019), the hourly remuneration in the United States, however, proved to be up to the bar most employees received an average of $9 per hour, this figure is relatively high compared to developing countries that counted an average of $3 per hour. According to Byrne, Fernald & Reinsdorf (2016) state, although the government as well considered the per hourly rates, the country still lacks behind as far as fair wage for both casual and office works are concerned, office work portraying high favor age compared to the occasional task. Length of the workday is not only an obligation to the employer but the employee as well to ensure that for the provided standard gauge of 8 hours a day required at work that they indeed do nothing pertaining to their personal interest but rather the benefit of the employer relating to work entrusted.

Government Position on Ethical wages

United States government have in a bit to develop a rationally clean interface between employers and employees, not only formulate laws and regulations harmonizing the same but had also allocated funds to promote the same. Workers in their different work environments are subjected to multiple problems and threats. The intensity of some of the worker's issues is chronic, unfair, and draining, and it is in such cases, the labor codes come into play as they aid in bargaining for workers improved working conditions. The most significant problem employees encounter and upon which the labor law prohibits include workplace discrimination regarding race, gender, and cultural differences. Workers are subjected by the codes to ensure workplace equality, and workers promotion, remuneration, among other things be changed and increased on merit. Workers suspension and transfer should be legal and follow reasonable causes (Carrell & Heavrin, 2013) Also, workers are likely to be subjected to unreasonable financial contributions, and therefore, according to the code, donations should be made by an individual willingly without coercion.

It is evident that there a list of Among the policies formulated by the government to medicate the same are raising standards in government wage bills on an annual basis, establishing new industrialized based standards and improvement of enforcement of industrial rules by partnering with labor unions among others. The policies go in the long run to create a fair balance between the employer and the employee relation and as well as ensuring nondiscrimination in the working environment. It is evident that there a list of numbers to medicate the low offer wages, poor working environment, discrimination as brought about by employers and better salaries, pleasant work environment and gender fairness pressurized by employees, yet despite all these such conflicts are still raised. Leaves and payments is one area that the governments should be keen on. Employees are entitled to different kind of leaves, and the employer pays the employees when in left. However, there is leave taken but are not paid, for example, the non-paid leave. Although leaves may be seen...

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