Essay Sample on Exploring African-American History with the NMAAHC Website

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Date:  2023-01-05


The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) website is an essential resource for any educator. Every educator wants a resourceful website for teaching. The website provides a clear picture of the actual museum in Washington, D.C for visitors and also provides a delightful experience online. One is able to access many resources that aid in enlightening on African-American history. It is simple and easy to use the website. It has extensive collections of historical artifacts that users can browse and search from. The site also provides online exhibitions which are in the form of presentations of objects from the museum collections, stories, and videos.

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During my review time, there were video and audios on the contributions of African-American athletes on and off the field, a comprehensive story on low-rider culture from the Many Lenses project which is a combination of exhibitions projects by Smithsonian museums and an article about the musical sensation Blind Tom.

The website provides blogs with great information on various topics that are of considerable significance to the users. When browsing to submit my review, there were several blogs which included celebrating Nat King Cole's 100th birthday (Nat King Cole was an African-American musical pioneer and activist) and To Freedom: Voices of the Formerly Enslaved (a story on slavery days in the United States).

For anyone who plans to make a visit to the museum, there is a visit section on the website where details on timed passes and tips on how to prepare the tour are provided. A frequently asked questions section is also provided to give answers to queries that users may have as they plan the visit. There is an accessibility section that makes it easier for those planning to tour. This provides information such as when there are fewer crowds hence convenient to visit, entrances to use, restrooms, parking, and resources for families.

The connect section enables users to connect, engage and support the museum from wherever they are. In this section, information on contacts, partnerships, internships, and fellowships is provided. The events section presents a calendar of public programs and upcoming events.

The website has an about section that enables users to know about the museum's history, why it was founded and the pillars it stands upon. Any critical news is also posted in this section, and annual reports are provided too.

Importance in Learning

It is essential to learn about the experiences and struggles of African-Americans in the United States. This history and culture have however been ignored, misinterpreted or ripped off from the curriculum. The National Museum of African American History and Culture website provides primary documents, videos, images, and interviews so that the curriculum can be remodeled to put more emphasis on African-American history.

Time should be set aside to develop lessons that include the provided resources into lectures, assignments, projects and examinations or assessments. Although there are no ready curricula materials, the primary materials provided are of high quality and are well directed. The extensive collection of images and videos will arouse curiosity among students who can also take part in museum-sponsored activities on National History Day. Teachers can also take advantage of professional development events administered by the museum to learn how best to involve students on race and culture.

The website is suitable for learning, however, though some adjustments should be made to provide even more in-depth information for students and teachers.

Teaching Using This Tool

The National Museum of African American History and Culture website provides trusted locations where teachers can access materials to support the teaching of African-American history and culture. It is more advisable to visit the museum in Washington D.C but if this is not possible the online museum is loaded with content that can be included in the curriculum. Both the teachers and students can examine exhibitions and stories to get even more detailed information. The museum provides a collection of about 37,000 historical artifacts where teachers can search for content that fit their area of study. There are professional learning events that involve strategies for utilizing African-American primary sources in class and methods for discussing issues concerning race. From the review, it is noted that it is not easy to get materials and also specific curriculum materials are not provided.

On the other hand, the modern, well directed and organized digital collection is inspiring and motivates for one to learn about the African-American culture and race. The website also provides a systematic way for people who are planning to visit or organize an event. It also ensures that on arrival they have some handy information about how to make it around the museum with little trouble. The website is easy to use. There are no complicated procedures and display is attractive and enticing. All sections are well labeled and well placed. This makes it easy for users to navigate and search for the required information and materials.

Works Cited

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