Essay Sample on Event in Abu Dhabi University in the UAE

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Date:  2022-12-04


An event is a thing that takes place or happens, especially of one importance. It may be a social occasion or a strategic public event. The Abu Dhabi University was founded in 2003 after His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Al Nahyan and the other residents of the United Arab Emirates planned for it for three years. Conferring to the University, its creators projected an institution that would be included in the top best universities in UAE and all over the world.

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One of the events that were launched at Abu Dhabi University is the event called Think of Science. What was discussed in the think science Fairs was to expand its platform of think science through the launching of the Think Science Fairs event. According to the managing Director His Excellency Sheikh Bin Tahnoon of the Emirates foundation said that in the Emirates foundation, they try to involve the upcoming number of Universities and schools in the competition of Think Science and Fairs across the nation so that they can motivate the youth whose ages were from 15-35 years to explore about science education and careers, and are also create consciousness about STEM's importance. The Think Science Fair consists of exhibitions in large scale from the students who were competing about the 11 sectors of scientific inventions. These scientific factors consist of: Health and Bioinformatics, Applied Chemistry, Mechanical and Industrial systems, Water Sustainability and Food Security, Robots, Applied Sciences, AI and Smart Systems, Transport, and Road safety systems, Innovations in Environment and Energy and systems for the strong-minded ones.

On 6th February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, the Emirates in Foundation in conjunction with Department of knowledge and Education of Abu Dhabi and the Ministry of Education, they publicized the extension platform of Think science event through launching the event of 'Think Science Fairs' that was to happen all over UAE. The event was launched during the month of innovation of UAE and it was to take place on Fujairah 17th March 2019. Although there were other Fairs of think science the were to take place as follows, Ras Al Khaimah 10th March, Um Al Quwain 21st March, Abu Dhabi 24th February and Sharjah 3rd March.

The 'Think Science Fair' Fujairah of 17th March was to take place at the Zayed Sports Complex, a section of the Over-all Authority for sports and the Host patron in Fujairah. The event will be under the sponsorship of Minister of International Cooperation and Foreign Matters His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the Chairperson of Emirates Foundation. It was also funded the Ministry of Education and the President of the Emirates Bodybuilding Sheik Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

Those who participated were the youth scientists from all over the UAE and other 28,000 visitors. 'Think Science Fair of this year had an exceptional record with a large number of 4,000 candidates and 2,040 schemes. Those who succeeded as finalists were 700 and they represented the efforts of other youths from different universities and institutions from all over UAE who were more than 1850 students.

The chosen students showed how their innovations would help to improve safety measures and to prevent some natural calamities such the 'Drone Firefighters and the Earthquake Safety Bed. Other innovations were focusing on technology utilization and also to advance the educational structure of the UAE.

The reason why the 'Think Science Fair' was held was to encourage, celebrate and to inspire the youth by offering them with prospects to develop their analytical thinking and their knowledge further. According to Al Habsi, he said that the 'Think Science Fair' was to enable them so that could become dynamic members in finding the solutions that are groundbreaking to the technological issues.

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