Essay Sample on Elements of the Advert That Make Appealing Drunk Driving

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Date:  2022-07-29


Drunk driving is considered one of the major killers among teenagers in the world today. Teenagers that drink and drive after having fun in nightclubs may end up causing accidents. Research conducted into the main causes of drunk driving among teenagers indicate that peer pressure leads to most of them engaging in high-speed driving when drunk. This mostly happens during the night when the teenagers are away from their parents who control and monitor their behaviors. When they do not have supervision around, they fail to be responsible and drive carefully. The above advert is the most convincing of the three provided. This paper will discuss the various elements of the advert that make it appealing.

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The layout of the advert is mostly focused on the legs of the victim. Legs are the most important parts when driving. They are involved in the regulation of speed through stepping on either the throttle or the brakes. Therefore, when an individual is not careful, they may be involved in accidents and break their feet. The layout, therefore, tries to convince the target audience that if they drive under the influence of alcohol, they may lose body parts such as legs. Also, the sowing of the amputated leg help to pass the message that even if one survives, they would stiff face difficulties due to the loss of some of their body parts.

Different colors are used in the advert to make it captivating. First, there is the white background which could be signifying a hospital environment. When people are involved in accidents, they are taken to hospitals where they are served by professionals. The victim of the accident seems to be leaving the hospital with one of his legs having being amputated. The objective of this color is to appeal to drivers to be careful so that they may not be taken to hospital with serious injuries. Additionally, the two legs are different in color. The right leg shows an original human leg while the left one is a prosthetic leg. This helps to support the statement at the side of the picture which indicates that human spare parts are not as original as those of vehicles.

The logo at the bottom of the poster is of BMW. The company produces high-quality vehicles that are considered to have high stability. However, since the company sponsored the poser, it is an indication that despite them producing quality cars, they are still capable of being involved in fatal accidents when driven carelessly or under the influence of alcohol. When a person sees that a reputable company such as BMW warns drivers against drunk driving, then they understand that it is a serious thing that should be taken into account.


When designing posters, there should be consideration of the ability of the target audience to understand both visual and textual information. Some individuals understand visual information easily as compared to textual. The poster has included both textual and graphical representation. Therefore, the information reaches out to a wide range of people with different abilities to read and interpret graphics. Also, most graphical representation is animated and do not use real body parts. However, through the use of the real leg to showcase the effects of drunk driving, the target audience should be more convinced of real consequences.

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