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Date:  2022-11-26


The community prevention programs are a strategic plan which focuses on empowering individuals with the relevant skills to choose desirable and healthy behaviors which promote healthy living in the society (Ackermann et al., 2008). Notably, the concept of community psychology tends to play an integral role in ensuring strategic planning for the community to help curb the prevalence challenges in society. It is worth acknowledging the fact that, the whole concept of community psychology helps consolidates the social issues with the aim of allowing the individuals to understand the relationship between individuals and their immediate environment.

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General Issues/ Problems in the Community

Most communities are significantly affected by the modern trends in the socio-cultural behavior change which in the long run affects almost all sectors within the society. Significantly, this paper intends to explore the five significant challenges facing various individuals in society and how the core values adopted from the study of community psychology can be employed to help curb the entire menace. To begin with, the adolescence pregnancies, domestic violence, substance, and drug abuse, health disparities and lack of jobs.

Core Value of Community Psychology

The core values of community psychology tend to play an integral role in promoting the entire community prevention programs. Such core values include social justice for all individuals in society. On the other hand, empowering marginalized communities as well as promoting diversity in the entire organization. Notably, the core values of the community psychology also encourage the in-depth understanding of human behavior in the context of the social group and the community as a whole (Ackermann et al., 2008).

Assessment of the Community Problems Using the Core Values of Community Psychology

The core values of community psychology as embodies in the study helps provide a clear insight coin assessing some of the periodic challenges in the community (Orford, 2008). Arguably, social justice as a core value in community psychology can be used as a useful assessment tool for the adolescence pregnancies as a significant problem among youth in the entire community. The perpetrators of the illicit sexual abuse should be held accountable based on the ideal concept of social justice as a core value of the community psychology. On the same account, the domestic violence as a common challenge can easily be identified and rectified by embracing empowerment as the core value of the community psychology. Once both parties are fully empowered, the prevalence of domestic violence will be reduced as both parties tend to engage in various activities. Also, substance and drug abuse as societal menace can be settled following the in-depth understanding of the core values, as it is described in the community psychology (Orford, 2008).

The relevant values such as embracing the social justice, empowering and enlightening the entire society are the pertinent values connected to the periodic issues facing the community. The benefits are essential since they help identify and provide a well-structured framework for preventing such an instance in the future.

Most of the common challenges affect the community both at individual, microsystems and at the microsystem levels. The problems such as substance and drug abuse often affect the social-economic status both at the individual, local organizational as well as the macro system levels. The danger ails all sectors of the community which in the long run reduces the economic status of individuals in the society.

Following the in-depth analysis, the adolescence pregnancy is the most prevalent problems and therefore will form the central focus of the community prevention program. Notably, the challenges teenage pregnancies and drug abuse affect all groups of individuals in society.


The community prevention programs is a topic that merited further investigation as it provides a clear guideline on healthy living among members of the society. Significantly, by focusing on the teenage pregnancies, the study will be of great merit thereby reducing the cases of pregnancies among the youth. However, the concept of the community psychology helps to consolidate the social issues with the strategic plan in the entire community prevention program.


Ackermann, R. T., Finch, E. A., Brizendine, E., Zhou, H., & Marrero, D. G. (2008). Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program into the community: the DEPLOY pilot study. American journal of preventive medicine, 35(4), 357-363.Orford, J. (2008). Community psychology: Challenges, controversies, and emerging consensus. John Wiley & Sons.

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