Essay Sample on New School: Finding Confidence and Support to Reach Academic Goals

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2023-02-27

The new school has a faculty advisor who can guide the classes I need to complete my degree. The students are focused and creative-minded with similar visions to change the world. The school provides proper support to help in handling academic problems and questions. The lecture halls in my new school are accommodating, and class interaction id very lively which brings out confidence, drive, and easy comprehension of written and verbal materials. After being wrongly directed, I am confident I have the qualities of turning my life around for the future. The new school possesses a refreshing and unique approach to the courses offered and an extensive framework of course options. I have always hungered to utilize an effective self-designing program that promotes creative freedom in the academic experience.

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In high school, I taught myself how to play drums and mix classic disco vinyl records on Techtonic turntables, read Nietzsche, and contemplated the difference between western and eastern philosophy. I participated briefly in after school affairs such as the Senior Awards Ceremony, where I was nominated for Life of the Party. After high school graduation, I enrolled at Bergen Community College with plans to transfer to NYU. I later enrolled at Borough of Manhattan Community College and worked on my degree. I was then employed at Live Nation Entertainment company, promoting concerts in South America and Mexico.

I have spent most of my life exploring the music industry, but the lack of a college degree prevents advancement and growth. The disconnection with my colleagues created the feeling of a failure inside me. The idea of going back to school and creating deep connections with like-minded, creative individuals is a fantasy I would like to make real. At Bergen community college, I felt disconnected from the students since we had conflicting goals. I am eager to get my college degree and create a stepping stone to attain a master's degree in the future.

After being diagnosed with Bipolar Type I in October 2018, I had a rough time dealing with the mental disorder creating the need to learn how to live with it. I take prescribed medications as directed by the physician and take part in psychotherapy. I have developed a mechanism allowing me to be on track and stay healthy. The technique entails zero thoughts about the diagnosis, to have an internal dialogue, make decisions myself, and to stay positive. I am robust and ready to fix the missing parts of my life. After my resignation from the Live Nation in February 2019, I am fully committed to pursuing my education. The experience in the industry was an eye-opener now, I am motivated to complete my academic chapter which I crave about daily.

I appreciate freedom and flexibility in learning new things that I am interested in. I have gone through trying moments, and it has created a tough individual. I am free of shame, terror or the ability to stay silent in matters touching my beliefs and values. I want to pursue diverse topics to build my social and teamwork skills. I want to create an impact on females in the dominated industries. Music has been a significant part of my life, and after school, I want to continue innovating, creating art and playing music.

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