Essay Sample on Business Concept of "Jeitinho"

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Date:  2022-11-19


Businesses such as Nimble Storage operate in a very competitive environment due to the existence of powerful competitors as well as changing consumer needs and preferences. Transformational change involves an organization interaction with the environment and the resulting changes in an organization to accommodate the new environmental needs. Transformation change takes place at both the organizational level and the individual employees who are the necessary modifications required to maintain organization competitiveness (Dinwoodie et al., 2014). Applying global talent management principles and practices as well as "Jeitinho" which is a cultural attitude amongst Brazilians which helps in dealing with difficult situations can help Nimble Storage to improve its talent management strategy. This paper will assess how "Jeitinho" and global talent management practices can be used to improve talent management in Nimble Storage.

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Brazilian Concept of "Jeitinho"

"Jeitinho" is a unique Brazilian cultural aspect as a social mechanism that is used in solving social problems which help to overcome the dilemma posed by the collision between the explicit laws and the social practices within the Brazilian society. "Jeitinho" allows Brazilians to bend the law to solve problems in the social context and helps people in Brazil to overcome the high level of formalities in the society. In this case, "Jeitinho" can be elaborated as an approach to achieving certain objectives without going through the pre-established order. "Jeitinho" promotes the establishment of versatility and creativity such as when neighbors come together to help a sick person or helping an unemployed friend to get a job. In this case, although "Jeitinho" involves altercation with the law or established norms it helps Brazilians to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Application of "Jeitinho" in Nimble Storage

Aggressive Recruitment Practices

Nimble Storage is faced with high competition, and recruiting talents within the organization ranks can help the organization to gain a competitive advantage through innovation and improved service delivery. Talent management is a complex activity that involves the promotion of organizational culture as well as hiring new personnel (Pobst, 2014). Nimble Storage can apply "Jeitinho" in talent management through aggressive recruitment by enticing talented employees from their competitors to join the organization using attractive financial incentives which can alleviate employee shortage and also in the long term improve the organization competitive advantage compared to the competitors (Schuler, Ladson, & Tarique, 2011). Although such a method seems to be against the rules of the business environment Nimble Storage can adopt the technique to increase the number of talented employees and reduce the competition from other businesses by taking away their best talents.

Vertical and Horizontal Interaction Between Leaders and Employees

Coaching and mentoring are essential approaches of managing talents by organizations and in most organization systems vertical interactions are highly limited which reduces the development of talent within an organization by promoting employee learning especially from the organization leaders. Nimble Storage using "Jeitinho" should be able to create a business environment where vertical and horizontal interactions are possible. Based on global talent management practices management involvement and internal consistency is required to create a successful talent management system (Schuler, Ladson, & Tarique, 2011). Therefore, using "Jeitinho" to approve and enable vertical interactions between the leadership and the employees can be used to identify and mentor talents in Nimble Storage which ensures that the organization culture is integrated into the organization and the rate of turnover is reduced (Pobst, 2014). This recommendation is in line with the "Jeitinho" facet of adaptability and interaction which increases the cooperation between teams and sharing of experience.


Talent management is an essential business strategy that ensures that an organization secures its future productivity and competitive advantage. "Jeitinho" is an excellent cultural adaptation that can be used to promote talent management by adapting its principles of interaction, adaptability and managing diversity within Nimble Storage. The organization can be able to use strategies that are deemed unconventional to reach its talent management strategy by offering talents attractive incentives to join the organization from the competitors as well as adopting a vertical and horizontal organization interaction that ensures constant management interaction with the employees which promotes the identification and nurturing of talents through mentorship and coaching. These recommendations will reduce employee turnover and attract more talents because employees are attracted to business environments where their interests are given priority.


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