Strategies for Facilitating the Group Process - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-05


The social welfare group consists of members from the estates, and it currently has 40 active members. The group has three leaders who are elected annually by the members, and a leader can only serve for two terms (Marquis, & Huston, 2017). One of the objectives of the group is to raise the resources that are used in helping those need. The group also advocates for efficient use of the resources available and ensuring that the estate is well kept by encouraging residents to be responsible. The group also encourages residents to unite and help each other as well as implement programs that guarantee the fulfilment of people's needs.

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The group successfully went through all the three stages and is currently in the performing stage whereby the members are aware of the group objectives and are dedicated to fulfilling them (Mind Tools, 2012) - reaching this stage as however not been easy as the group was stuck in the storming stage where personality differences were highly evident. As the leader of the group, it is essential to play the role of initiator contributor. By so doing there is a flow of ideas which the members can brainstorm on and come up with the best solution for the problem.

In the group, there is a conflict regarding the roles to be played by each member which shows that there is productivity and the group is not dormant. To facilitate the group process, it is crucial as a leader to ensure that both the physical and psychological environment is conducive (Kaufman, 2012). The location of the meeting should be in line with the purpose of the meeting, and the group members should be at ease when participating. To address the challenge of roles in the group the leader should have the ability to manage the group effectively by ensuring that each member as an equal chance of airing his/her opinions. In groups, some members may intimidate others verbally thereby suppressing their willingness to contribute to the group. Even when they do not agree with an opinion, they will not object it because of fear of the vocal members.


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