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Every organization aspires to be among the leading organizations, both internally and globally. Nevertheless, it is always expected that the mode of conducting its entrepreneurial activities, which entails the provision of goods and services, has to satisfy both loyal and regular clients through the motive of meeting the clients, it's expected that the quality of services offered should be of higher integrity, where the inception of quality management and programs have to be of profound aspect. Through this normative, it is ideal as the president of a renowned organization to come up with a collective quality program set to ensure all the firm has stood tall to maintain its position in the competitive market. Additionally, with close reference to the study objectives, the study aims to select the most appropriate organization, with the idea of critiquing quality management programs as applicable in the chosen organization.

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Overview of Selected Organization

With an exact configuration of the most appropriate organization for the study, whose main objective is set under ISO 9000, the selection of G4S Secure Solutions (USA) has been arrived upon after a thorough search of an organization that ensures the application of quality programs has been met. G4S Secure Solutions (USA) has been in the service as a private and licensed armed and unarmed firm that provides a variety of security services. G4S Secure Solutions (USA) has been in the security service for several decades, offering security services for various continents. Its overall clients include commercial and maritime clients in the entire nation. Similarly, the firms have reaped heavily for its effective leadership, which has led to contractual programs with large commercial agencies and banks in the transportation of money without remarked offensive activities. G4S Secure Solutions (USA) has also been offering security services for cruise ships while docked at the port and sea. However, the company must adhere to the provided guidelines by various firms where the contract has been signed. This indicates instructions of services offered are often offered by firms providing the services.

In contrast, with G4S Secure Solutions (USA) being in this industry since 1954, it's thus relevant to ensure the quality program has been initiated within the mandate of ensuring there is continued success and guarantee to the delivery of its services and maintaining the first rank in the market. Nonetheless, with the inception and consideration of overall opportunities, also understanding the effects of quality organizations, quality programs have to be brought into the book, making it easier for the president of G4S Secure Solutions (USA) to run this organization on a notable manner. Thus, as per the study's objectives, it's more considerate to understand what should be done in this organization to implement all essential elements required to ensure the organization is operating on a specific dimension.

Understanding Quality Program under ISO 9000

For a practical understanding of the quality program, quality management, in general, should not be left aside. Quality management dictates the systematic composition of organizational guidelines, resources, plans, procedures, and the allocation of roles and responsibilities within the mandate to ensure all aims set to achieve the quality of services for clients' satisfaction are upheld within organizational objectives. With all these elements set and directed in one direction, the organization is set to define its workability, and how the quality of services offered changes. Also, with crucial reference to ISO 9000, the quality program is thus set to benefit G4S Secure Solutions (USA) on a hefty figure, which in general shall see the firm moving in a positive direction with close reference to certain factors.

First, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is entitled to be positioned on similar guidelines and standards, which shall allow the management to set a clear mission and vision statement that shall guide G4S Secure Solutions (USA) its lifespan. Second, the application of ISO 9000 shall aid in ensuring the firm has improved its range of customer satisfaction by fulfilling its promises as the guidelines dictate. Last but not least, the quality program through ISO 9000 shall promote equal and continual service improvements for all services, products, and processes used. Finally, the ISO standard shall aid in increasing G4S Secure Solutions (USA) competitiveness and performances with close reliance on various companies that offer services similar to those provided by G4S Secure Solutions (USA). Therefore, the application of ISO 9000 is an appropriate task whose adherence to the services shall see a positive deviation in the growth pattern of G4S Secure Solutions (USA).

Voice of Customer

On a personal level, the customer's voice is set to initiate the driving force of G4S Secure Solutions (USA) as a company. In contrast, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Voice of Customer is set to improve this program, for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) through the management is set to offer aid where the organization shall be required to collect data with a mandate of identifying client satisfaction. Thus, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) shall work on a collection of data which entails customer ratings as feedback, security offered on checkpoints through screening clients, shipment security services, checking of identity cards to enhance security, usage of screening machines and lastly retrieving and analyzing the data to get ideal and reliable information. Furthermore, with all these activities, the organization is set to receive and record positive details through which the information shall be used upon training its employees and personnel, reworking on security packages and procedures. The inclusion of in-service training for its staff with the mandate of knowledge increment more so on screening implements and how to handle concerns of the guests. Thus, it noted that failure to heed to customers' voices, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) could not exist, for the customers are the primary stakeholder and determine the organization's plans and future.

Voice of Market

Apart from the customer's voice, the market's view plays a significant role in G4S Secure Solutions (USA). With the presence of physical security personnel on the market, more so within a positive dimension, activities are predicted to be of profound manner. Within the ways through which patrons do interact with officers offering security services, although it is depicted to be taking another dimension, it is changing. One of the factors initiating these changes is the presence of technology. Technological advancement is taking prior direction daily. Therefore, to move with the current voice of market trend, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) also has to implement some changes with the idea of dealing with all emerging issues in all its ground of services. Some emerging trends include using technological devices such as drones to capture daily data, use CCTV cameras, and tag products through RFID tag applications. Thus, use of these expensive security services, which in some cases aid upon monitoring ships, transit goods, and courier vehicles while on the roads, make it tough for other similar organizations to compete with G4S Secure Solutions (USA), where the voice of the market requires security firms to change with the current trend.

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) application of technology has to adhere to HIPAA key regulations. Upon keenly following these obligations, its easier to understand and provide lucrative services, for in some cases such in courier services, its more appropriate to transact the business on a face-to-face mode. The facial interaction instills courage and a sense of satisfaction on the services offered. Similarly, machine screening is a significant step to consider, although, in various circumstances, it's not useful, more so while there is a power outage. The action indicates the need to find the voice of the market. However, this can be intertwined with the view of customers who, in reality, require facial inspection and screening to instill a sense of satisfaction, supposing on terrorism-prone areas. Therefore, with recording positive ratings and feedback, the organization is expected to work with investors globally, upon keeping its reputation on a higher niche, allowing satisfied and happy clients to spread the overall positive information of the organization with VOM coming in the first rank.

Implementation of the Program

As the president of this renowned organization, G4S Secure Solutions (USA), it's my responsibility to ensure that this organization runs accordingly to ensure employee satisfaction, for they play a significant role in implementing the goals and aims of my reputable organization. Thus, several steps have to be put into consideration to ensure employees are motivated and overwhelmed. Notably, on the verge of assuring employee satisfaction, my initial step is to present manual scripts for all to read and sign afterward to indicate they are satisfied with the quality program. The quality program is set to show how the quality program shall be implemented. As ideally known and understood, the manual is set to entail procedures, processes, and resources G4S Secure Solutions (USA) ought to use to improve its quality services.

After the orientation part of sharing the manuals or handouts, the preceding step is conducting an open forum. The main essence of doing the public hearing is to ensure there is a clear explanation of all the sections contained in the document. It is also useful to apply various leadership styles and skills to provide all the departments that have been oriented. Thus, the forum shall be conducted on departmental levels for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) consist of various departments. These departments include; courier department, security, and cargo transportation department, where each department is strategically positioned on different locations in the city. Furthermore, the program shall also entail recommending employees to attend various training institutions, where it is not a personal decision but G4S Secure Solutions (USA) management decision to ensure this firm moves with the current trend globally.

Another implementation program is training, which shall configure client satisfaction. The notion is also set to ensure all client satisfaction is also on an improving aspect. Nevertheless, to ascertain and record client satisfaction, the usage of different elements shall be emphasized. These elements include requesting feedback from clients without any pressing concern, for its supposed to be a voluntary activity. Also, the collection of surveys can be initiated, which can be done by installing suggestion boxes or using technology devices to comment on our services. Comments can be made on our social media pages, making it easy to understand the weaker areas, which requires an effective plan and action for correction purposes.


In summation, upon implementing this quality program, training shall be set to ensure there is the entire establishment of a team that helps in monitoring as well as improving all concrete processes that have already been identified to be running in the organization, within the mandate of ensuring there is the success of the program. Considerably, to safeguard both Voice of Customer and Voice of the Market are set to run on a smooth path, as the president of G4S Secure Solutions (USA) I have to ensure that the members working with the teams have been trained appropriately to handle clients from the distinct walk of life, moreover if these plans are implemented on a coherent manner...

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