Essay Sample on Organizational Culture in Healthcare

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Date:  2022-11-04


Organizational culture refers merely to how various stakeholders feel, their perception of the method of administration, the extent to which employees are incorporated into the business and dedication to serving the organization. TMF Health Quality Institute is an institute that has enhanced the delivery of quality health care. Its managers have plotted a strategy and structure to put a culture of doing reasonable things at the right time as a mode of compliance. The organization has established a code of conduct to be adhered to by all employees regardless of the position in management. In TMF Health Quality Institute value-based leadership has been demonstrated by the fact the organization remains competitive within the global environment despite its relatively small size with a view of effectively enhanced performance ( Naito, 2017).

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Ethical values have been implemented to bring about good corporate governance. They have been applied within the organization through clarity in information sharing, ethical leadership, morality and fairness, role clarification and power sharing. Servant leadership, spiritual leadership, and authentic leadership have also been evident in the organization which is also a part of moral theories. The organization enhances its compliance role to bring about the principle of nonmaleficence within its duties and services.

In the operations of TMF Health Quality Institute, patient's safety has been a potential risk to the existing health care providers and also the patients ( Grand, 2005). However, the research about them must be handed over to the research ethics committee for the review hence this will help overcome the risk. Since TMF Health Quality Institute mission is to be dedicated to improving the lives of people through quality health care I believe the organization has enacted needed ethical values, moral theories and compliance to reflect its mission and core values. We choose the company's mission and longevity over short-term financial performance. The organization also focus on maintaining a healthy tone at the top, which is communicated through the organization. TMF Health Quality Institute mission has a well-organized leadership. They have a well-structured board of directors and compliance program to incorporate the seven elements plus CMS' guidance on effective compliance programs. The compliance officer is a direct report to the board. The board has a compliance committee that meets quarterly. The board is trained on compliance annually. This makes the leadership of the organization to advocate for its compliance duties. The organization also have a stated provision that the compliance officer can call for independent, closed sessions with the committee if necessary.


To conclude, we have found that ethical leadership and compliance is not about complying with rules such as the code of conduct but personal moral values are significant in adding authority to regulatory action.


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