Sales Letter to MediaMix Studios

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Date:  2021-03-04

Is your organization looking for the best and affordable rechargeable batteries for your video cameras and other electronics? Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries are the best rechargeable batteries in the market. Taking into consideration the increasing number of operated devices that need battery power, energizer batteries are the best to fill in this gap. These batteries are eco-friendly and, in addition, have many advantages to the user. Here are some of the importances of energizer rechargeable batteries that will suit into the need of all the devices you own.

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Energizer rechargeable batteries are convenient; they come with many reliable methods which can be used to charge such as using USB port of a computer, wall electricity outlet, and their chargers which come in different designs and sizes. This ensures that you cannot lack a method of recharging your batteries anywhere you go. For a minimum of two and a maximum of three hours only, the energizer rechargeable batteries get fully charged and fully operational. In addition to the charging options, the battery comes in different sizes to fit into a variety of the electronics you own such as video cameras and GPS devices. These include AA and AAA which are the most commonly used types in the market. The portability of the battery is also a charming feature. They are packed in a small portable pack which makes it easy to carry anywhere at any time.

The performance of the battery is also an amazing feature. The battery is able to last for a long time before it needs to be recharged. They are able to utilize only 1.2 volts to deliver world class power as compared to the un-rechargeable type of batteries which in addition to getting exhausted easily they die within a short time. Its performance on the cameras and other devices is great and the results are outstanding to the users. Most of the users have always given a positive feedback on our product due to the quality delivery on most of the electronics.

Another advantage of the energizer rechargeable battery is earth friendliness. The battery is better to the conservation of the environment as compared to the disposable batteries. Due to their ability to be recharged, the battery minimizes the amount of waste to the environment making it the most environmentally friendly due to the fact that these batteries takes a very long time before they need to be disposed. In addition to being eco-friendly, energizer batteries are cheaper as compared to the disposable batteries taking into consideration the amount of work and the period they work before they are completely worn off. In addition to this, the energizer batteries saves time that would have otherwise been used to look for other batteries in the shops and other vendors.

Energizer NiMH batteries will handle your power needs in an outstanding way and will not disappoint you in any manner. Please review the user manual that comes with the sample rechargeable batteries we have sent to you as a test sample and get back to us on 301-2112-0554 for more information and bulk delivery. In case you are not satisfied with our product also, you should feel free to state your complaint in the contact number provided above.

Sincerely yours,


Energizer Sales Inc.


Zhu, Y. (2013). Effective Persuasion of International Business Sales Letters.Management

International Review, 53(3), 391-418.

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