Essay Sample on Academic Plan and Life Goals

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Date:  2022-10-25


In life, a majority of the people today has set aside goals that they intend to achieve in life: both short-term and long termed. Goals give us a purpose in life and the strength to work towards achieving something. Life without any goals tends to be meaningless since you are just living because you have to. Otherwise when asked, "Why are you in school?'' yet you have no answer, you are termed as one without a goal or a purpose. The response to this question becomes your academic goal. An academic goal is a learning purpose a student puts up for themselves; it may change with time, based on a change in interests and hobbies, financial achievability, admittance to education and also the varying undercurrents of a profession, the moment one enters the workforce. We all have goals and ambition we wish to accomplish at a certain age in time.

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Nevertheless, it's not all goals that are suitable. To ensure that your goals are achievable, they are supposed to go hand in hand with what you yearn to fulfill academically. Your goals are required to be straight to be point and quantifiable. Once you set goals that are not direct and measurable, the struggle you put to accomplishing your goals tends to lack direction and emphasis.

My academic goals are the reason I stay focused in school. My folks always tell me, "If your goals do not scare you then they do not deserve to be referred to as goals!" I am studying towards graduating from Penn's University with a first class honors degree. Exemplary performance is all I ever work hard towards because without that performance it will be difficult to become the most influential media presenter globally. I have always dreamt of becoming. I believe that coming up with reasonable and realistic goals and working towards accomplishing my goals is fundamental to attaining and sustaining academic success. To accomplish these goals, I ensure to note down my short term and long term goal down as I reminder that will always help me focus whenever I go forget my purpose in school. I also ensure to give myself a period of stating the deadline for every short goal I have for example, by the end of this semester I want to improve my grade with 10points in each unit. This propels at all time to ensure these 10points are achievable. Professor Brennan keeps insisting that if you do not know what you want in school, you will never know what to do to excel.

In our generation, social media has been a huge hindering block to a majority of students from achieving their academic goals as it has become massive destruction. I at all times avoid these kinds of distractions. Many argue that what's the point of wanting to become an influential media personality yet I'm never on social media, but they forget that at this stage social media is just a destructive weapon. How will are you expected to perform well in school yet you are on your laptops and phones all day accessing unnecessary information. Time spent on social media is enough time to bridge that gap and achieve my short-term goal this semester. This difference and determination are what makes it possible to achieve my goals.

Penn's States University is the best place to ensure I achieve my academic goals since teachers are determined to help the students at all time. It is important to take advantage of the willingness of these teachers to pass on knowledge and use it towards building yourself. It is not every day determined students meets determined teachers, but once you come across two willing parties, it becomes a bonus to the student. In the next ten years, I see myself as a media presenter in CNN and an influential speaker through social platforms advising students on how to go about each day in their academic and career goals.

My folks have always insisted on sacrifice and giving back to society. They sacrifice a lot to ensure I acquire the education I have and I am determined to do the same to my family and society in the future. Before joining college, I had made up my mind to take a course in business administration, but I realized I would not be of much significance in the society like I would wish to be. I studied Communication Arts and Sciences to be able to make a change in students' life shortly. The college education makes this possible as, without that education, it's impossible to achieve this without excelling in school. The college ensures we acquire knowledge, boost our strong abilities, exhibit a strong work ethic, and boost your confidence to success and also growing your social network.


Procrastination is an enemy of achieving your goals. It is a problem I am trying so hard to do away with, unfortunately. College life has all kinds of people; it is, therefore, important to associate yourself with people who will help you and those with the same ambitions as yours. Lastly, we all need some motivation, and if no one can motivate you, it is important to reward yourself whenever you do meet any short-term goal. College has opened doors for me, and I would never take it for granted.

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