Essay Sample on 20th Century US Expansion: Industry, Immigration, Urbanization

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During the 20th century, there was business expansion and also incorporated progressive reforms that were included in the United States. The progressives worked tirelessly just to make the United States a better and safer place where people could live. Within this period, people were engaged with various activities such as industry, immigration, and urbanization. An industry can be described as the production or even technically manufacturing enterprises in a given specific field, region, country or even an economy whereby it is viewed collectively or in some given instances one of them is taken individually. Immigration can be described as the process of the international movement of individuals whereby they are taken into a destination country whereby they did not originate from or where they do not own citizenship but have decided to reside there. Urbanization can be described as the increase in population within cities and urban regions compared to rural areas where these individuals are shifting from. During the progressive movement era the discussed variable (industry, immigration and urbanization) highly influenced the political, social and economic arenas of the United States of that given period which in turn resulted to individuals shifting to cities where life seemed to be more bearable since people were working hard to better the current life they were living in.

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During the progressive era, which is presumably to take place between 1900- 1920, the country was grappling with various challenges that were caused and influenced by industrialization, immigration, and urbanization (Sklar 79). For instance, the existing middle-class reform movement highly supported the government towards taking a greater role in addressing various issues such as the overall control of the business and also been effective towards the welfare of the public. The federal income tax and also the inclusion of direct election for senators were part of a program that was initiated by populist. Besides, prohibition increased widely from pre-civil war anti-alcohol tradition reforms. In the year 1912, it was a historical moment whereby the progressives formed their political party whereby they gathered a lot of support from both Republicans and Democrats. Progressivism made the government to be more responsive and also efficient; the primary objective of the progressive movement was to involve public participation more directly in the political arena. Various reforms such as direct primary were included whereby it is a preliminary election in which all the members of a given party are given a chance to take part in a nomination (Holl 57). These reforms were intended to limit the influence that was brought about by political machines about selecting their candidates.

During the progressive era, millions of Americans shifted from the west into more urban cities, and also hundreds of thousands of African Americans migrated to the northern cities. During this period, America experienced unprecedented levels of immigration. Due to the advancement of technology and also the emergence of industrialization urban cities experienced various advantages such as electricity, transport and also running water. On the other hand, individuals within the rural areas were facing various challenges as well as competition since farmers found it had to maintain their farms due to costly machinery and also falling prices of produce. Thus it can be argued that progressivism started as a social movement to assist individuals in coping with their various social needs. The progressive movement was concerned rejecting believes that existed such as social Darwinism whereby the progressives believed that problems such as violence, poverty, racism, poor health, and class stratification could best be eradicated through progressiveness. The progressiveness involved should include a safer environment, an honest government, better education, and incorporation of efficient working paces. Within the period of progressiveness, various religious figures were concerned in uniting individuals of ll religious dominions also the sacred and secular whereby they demanded expansive reforms that would result in social changes. Women during this period also experienced drastic changes whereby they had significant roles in society since many groups were pushing forward the agenda of gender equality.


The period of progressivism represented various existing reforms that would benefit the economic growth of the United States of America (Holl 82). The rapid immigration of people from rural areas to urban cities, creating urbanization and the rapid increase of industrialization within the region caused drastic changes within the economy of the United States of America. Large corporation and trusts experienced a significant growth whereby they had power and control of the greater part of the industry. President Theodore Roosevelt was one of the American presidents who was seriously concerned on the economic welfare of the country whereby he introduced a new wave of reforms within the economy sector which was termed as "The New Nationalism" (Tiffin 108). During his stay in the presidential office, President Theodore Roosevelt, promoted the rights and freedom of labor workers also he created various governmental agencies that were mandated to regulate the market.

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