Essay Sample on 1985 Chicago Bears: Rules, Norms & Unrepeated Success

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Date:  2023-01-29


"30 for 30": The 85 Bears was one of the most excellent football team ever gathered in Chicago history in 1985. The Chicago Bears were a team of significant success, talents, and egos. The film, directed by Jason Hehir documented the team players and their progress. The documentary also raised concerns about the unrepeated performance. This paper is an analysis of the 85 Bears team.

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Although often used interchangeably, rules and norms have notable differences as applied to a group. Rules are a set of guidelines imposed by a higher authority; for instance, the captain of the team (Bangkok post). Rules are made by an authoritative figure and are strengthened by power. They are be respected without questioning. Unlike regulations, norms are the collective consensus of the group members. The group comes up with the standards or practices to guide their effective functioning as a team. In a team of football, the norms are agreed on behaviors and language use that is acceptable and unacceptable between the members. The norms are not enforced like rules but agreed to be observed. Another difference between the rules and norms of a group is that regulations may not affect everyone while norms affect each member of the team.

The following are norms which guided the 85 Bears. The group had to have confidence in all their team activities ("30 for 30"). All team members were not to give up for any reason. Also, the members believed that they were the best. Other norms included respect for each other amongst members, do the right thing at the right time, respect convenience and time for each other, and stand firm by their principles. These norms are recognizable because they affect all the members and are agreed upon among team members. Constantly reminders enforced the norms and looking out for each other. One deviant team member was Mike Richardson. He was often was aggressive during the games. He would complain more than any other player and was time to time late for the practices. He says that he hated Sunday practices.

Chicago Bears team members showed trust, cohesiveness, and supportiveness. The following are the examples of each dimension. When the Bears received a new coach; Mike Ditka in 1985, they thought he was not suitable for the job. He had a habit of chewing gum, thus making him unprofessional. However, the team members trusted him, and he led them to success. Ditka developed and enforced discipline in the team, an aspect which brought them success ("30 for 30"). Mike Singletary, through his performance, ensure Bears' cohesiveness. He worked hard that he inspired the rest of the group members to work together towards the success of the team. He was known for scoring goals for the team. He would defensively face the team's opponents in his level. Walter Payton was the most supportive member of the group. Payton played for Bears for twelve years without missing a single game. His passion and focus for the game made him the success of the team. The team was once named "one-man gang" for always being there for the team. Payton was an inspiration for Chicago Bears since the first day he joined the group. His regular participation in the games ensured that he was a significant figure for the success of the team.


In conclusion, the Chicago Bears was one of the best football teams gathered in 1985. Under the leadership of Coach Mike Ditka, they endured high levels of discipline, rules, and norms, and came out triumphant. Ditka, Singletary, and Payton were among the significant figures of success for the team.

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