Essay on Writing Process: Combining Knowledge & Understanding for Effective Writing

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Date:  2023-01-27


Knowledge and understanding are two related words. While knowledge refers to information one gains after education, understanding refers to getting the meaning of something. The two are aspects of learning. Often, learning includes writing. It is a tool in which one can express his or her ideas, a way of communication where one can pass important messages as well to store information for the future. Writing is effectively done when it is based on knowledge and understanding.

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Writing Process

Writing involves five stages; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. The first stage of prewriting involves gathering necessary materials and reading through them. It may also involve carrying out research or a study. After gathering the necessary materials and knowledge, the second stage of drafting follows. Here, the information is put down in the form of writing according to the instructions or a narrowed-down a topic (Ginty et al, 2016). The written draft is scrutinized and analyzed to ensure that it is within the scope of the topic or the instructions. This is done in revising. During revision, more information can be done as well as removing irrelevant ones. When one is satisfied, he or she has can have a final draft and edit according to the required format. The last stage involves publishing where the edited work is officially put to the final copy which can be used as intended.

Becoming A More Effective Writer

To become an effective writer, the learner should reflect elements of focus, organization, development of details, elaboration, appropriate voice and tone and conventions. When writing, one should have one single focus which acts as a guide. This focus ensures that the information is restrained within the limits intended. An effective writer organizes his or her work in a structure committing to the standards or writing (Ginty et al, 2016). The writing should portray a distinctive pattern that is universally recognized and accepted in writing. This pattern includes having an introduction, transitions, and conclusion. Through the transition, the writer should show the connection and flow of ideas. An effective writer should reveal clear support through elaboration, systematically of his or her ideas. This enables the intended audience to easily understand the work without any difficulties. The tone and voice are also another relevant elements. The writer should use a tone according to his work, whether formal or informal. If it is a sad story, the tone should be poignant. Lastly, the convention is another significant aspect of writing. An effective writer should write grammatically ensuring all words are spelled correctly, using punctuation marks properly and proper structuring of sentences.

Application to Students

To most students, writing is still a challenge. As a teacher, I will ensure that the students are equipped with above-equipped techniques. I would prepare guiding instructions to followed by all the students. For instance, I would provide the stages to effective writing which should begin with the prewriting stage (Ginty et al, 2016). This I will do by assessing the written work from the students and detect the weakness of every one of them. I will subsequently teach them on proper writing according to the weakest points. This will include proper reading instructions and testing the understanding they had from the reading. I will then guide them through drafting and gathering work according to the topic. This would be followed by instructions on how to revise and edit their work.


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