Essay on Union Bargaining

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Date:  2022-05-16


As a union and management representative, my bargaining position is that the Archibald firefighters require their full income protection which acts a source of assurance that their job is secure and no such factors or risks are threatening it. Also, I would like to pass my request for the protection insurance to be implemented (Cormier, 2018). It ensures that employees can work comfortably under all circumstances and deliver the best of their skills. Additionally, the long-term disability insurance also needs to be fulfilled because it protects them in case of any injuries while at work. It is part of the employee safety principles and regulations, and therefore they should be responded to with immediate effect so that employees may always be secure while at work (Firefighter Safety, 2018).

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The employee safety at work principles also require for all firefighters to have enough protective garments that are to prevent them from any aversive energy. It also calls for maximum training on how to undertake first aid measures when a fellow employee is injured. This process ensures security and health safety at work, a dream for every firefighter at Archibald Firefighters (Dethrage, 2017). For instance, according to Eye Witness News (2018), firefighters in Toronto have been awarded with higher wages, and therefore I would like to request that our firefighters be granted the same too for uniformity and equality. This kind of request is also directed at the end to any discrimination especially regarding pay and other privileges such as insurance covers.

Additionally, I would like to request for a pay increase even as little as 6% so that the employees may be motivated to continue offering their skills in the best way possible. Hence, my arguments for negotiation are for the firefighting services not to be diminished or instead cut off because this would lead to some of the employees losing their jobs. Also, I would like for the security services to be improved so that Archibald city may receive the best of services whenever they encounter fire accidents (Luca, 2015). Also, the government should ensure that all firefighters receive better pay, more insurance covers, and job security so that they may be motivated to work harder and deliver better services in unity.

The state government should also evaluate all problems that have been presented forth to help each department to receive its due demands so that there may be fair delegation of all job benefits. Also, as the management representative, I would like to request for some funds from the state government so that all employees may be well trained on how to handle fire tragedies best and evade any injuries maximally (Ostuni, 2015). This project will also look into providing employees with extra protective clothes which are for the security matters in general.


The most important thing is that all firefighters at Archibald are taken care of and shown concern, especially in their pay increase. This situation has been a grievance that has been passed over for so many years and hence it is the high time for it to be implemented so that they may improve their lives and have better living standards. It will improve the economy of Archibald at large and generate more revenue which can be used in other community agendas which are of high importance to the society. I, therefore, present the above negotiation claims, and it is my greatest hope that they are going to be responded to as soon as possible.


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