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The Fig Technologies contracted the Solution Group to look into the microenvironment of two call centers of Fig Technologies in both Kansas City, Missouri, and Miami, Florida. These two centers have a diverse group of employees including college graduates and a group of locals, and this has led to issues of unprofessional behavior. At Kansas City, Missouri, there are controversies about sexual orientation and the LGB employees fear that the company may not help in cases of discrimination and harassment. On the other hand, at Miami, Florida office, there is a friendly rivalry that has become a more debatable issue since some employees from South Africa and Brazil expressed that they feel excluded because it is little or no excitement about futbol than football. Therefore, the solution Group was contracted to give recommendations on how the Fig Technologies can address the findings organizational diversity to the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) for review.The Miami, Florida Offices

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Although the offices in Miami have created a friendly environment where most employees feel they are part and work professionally, some employees feel that their working environment is unprofessional. The friendly rivalry among employees has also become an issue of concern since employee morale and motivation has reduced drastically throughout the firm. Although employees have been trained about the importance of diversity, some of them show little attention to its implication in the company. Others even feel the use of diversity training videos is not the best way for championing organizational diversity. Therefore, employees understand the importance of diversity, but they do not agree with the manner in which it is presented. For example, there is an outrage by the contingent software developers from South Africa and Brazil who are more excited about futbol rather than football. As an out-group and a non-dominant group, they feel left out since they cannot get people passionate about futbol than football. The biases are caused by the favoritism of the dominant group of employees who love watching football. Such Aversive racism at Miami office means most employees believe they are unprejudiced and have egalitarian values but still have negative beliefs and feelings about racism and minority employees (Bell, 2017). There needs to be a workplace inclusion and diversity with no unconscious, discrimination, leadership, and inclusive cultures bias, and LGBT groups (Grissom, 2018). Therefore, most employees feel that there is a need for a professional and safe working environment that allows for corrective actions for issues of biases and discrimination before they increase a dysfunctional system or unprofessional behavior within the organization.

The Kansas City, Missouri Office

In the Kansas City offices, diversity and professionalism are one of the critical areas employees follow. However, some employees still feel the firm operates in one of the most unprofessional environment. This is due to the concerns about lewd conversations happening in the break room and other common areas of the firm such as conversations about personal relationships and sexual orientations of the co-employees. Such conversations are considered moral and offensive to colleges, yet the company has done nothing to control such behaviors. According to Bell, most LGB employees always look for allies within their working environment whom they can count on or defend them against hostile employees (Bell, 2017). Fig Technologies will have to be diverse and provide a safe and professional environment to remain successful. The company needs to carry out the following implementation steps to address conversation issues within the company such as reinforcing the culture of diversity, introducing diversity training modules, implementing policies that prevent any form of biases and discrimination, and improve workplace environment (Grissom, 2018).


The assessment of both the Kansas City, Missouri office and the Miami, Florida office shows that there are critical issues of organizational diversity that Fig Technologies needs to control and manage. The following recommendations for the Executive Leadership Council will help create a positive atmosphere in the company.

The company needs to take a survey of employees at Miami, Florida office to find out what motivates them to develop an unfriendly rivalry. A negative rivalry among employees' causes productivity among employees. Instead, the competition needs to be set towards an intrinsic factor such as helping the unfortunate groups like the employees who were only interested in football. This brings employees together to work as a team to help the company be more productive and successful.

The discussions about employee's relationships and sexual orientations at the Kansas City, Missouri office means that the company's administration needs to become knowledgeable and aware of such issues. Unethical and unprofessional issues lead to attribution errors toward different groups. The company also needs to understand concerns about sexual orientations and personal relationships before it can bring smooth transitions in a firm with diverse groups. The only disadvantage is that some employees may be so close-minded to understand the importance of employee diversity in the company.


Training employees about the company's values may reduce issues of biases and discrimination among employees. This means that it is an issue about organizational culture rather than organizational diversity. Before a company can make changes in its policy, it needs first to understand its organizational culture. Through quarterly training in-services, the company will be able to educate employees about ways they can interact with co-workers and minority groups within the company.


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