Developing Competencies: Impact of Research and Writing - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-13


Competence entails the ability to undertake a specific duty by incorporating knowledge, skills, and traits that foster desirable outcomes (Kak et al., 2001). In the course of developing projects, individuals cultivate several proficiencies that facilitate leadership strategies. The essay portrays the impact of research and writing on enhancing competencies.

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When I wrote the project, I acquired skills like management of uncertainties, which I utilized to assess possible setbacks and mitigate risks through the formulation of suitable policies. Secondly, I learned that ethical competency emanated in research since learners comprehended the acceptable code of conduct in a society (Kak et al., 2001). I also understood how a plan is inevitable in projects because it assisted organizations to identify obstacles hence harnessed desirable outcomes. Lastly, the supervision of project materials was an essential skill when I formulated leadership strategies.

360-degree feedback was appropriate when I leveraged responses from colleagues for evaluation. I emphasized on the importance of a project like mistakes since individuals responded at the shortcomings, which in turn led to a desirable outcome. I applied the 360-degree feedback, in which leveraged performance infiltrated accountability in members of an organization, compelled them to utilize their competencies (Nowack & Mashihi, 2012). I corrected my peers on certain occasions, which played a significant role in how leaders influence response.

As a project manager, I will utilize risk and management skills to assess health care institutions to determine whether their policies can handle risky situations. Response from this competency enables training and development, consequently improving service delivery in hospitals. With liability and ethics skills, I will ensure that hospitals operate under common standards (Kak et al., 2001). I will employ supervision in health care management since it steers the proper implementation of tasks. In my career advancement, I will identify an appropriate plan that involves competent personnel who liaise with amateurs to facilitate knowledge sharing. Project competencies contribute to improvement in health care management.

Indeed, writing and researching projects steer competency among workers. Organizations that incorporate project management attract improvement in performance.


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