The Thread of Organizations: Theories

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An analysis of organizations has been provided in this chapter. The evolution of organizations over years and changes in leadership structure has been presented. There are different theories which are used in explaining the context and helping to understand the differences. The closed model which has been applied traditionally is described in this case, and it belongs to the bureaucratic approach which was developed by Max Weber. According to the theory, organizations are operated using a structure of activities which are guided by certain goals which are meant to be achieved. Maximization of the efficiency and productivity is done by coming up with a specialization system to assign duties to the workers depending on their skills and qualification. A set of systematic rules and procedures are also established as guidance to the shareholders and ensuring that productivity activities happen as planned for (Denhardt and Robert 19).

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The scientific management theory was developed by F.W Taylor. He advocated the adoption of experimental approaches in the industrial work as a way of improving efficiency in the industry as well as the economy. There are lots of developments especially in the technological fields such as the manufacture of improved machinery which are all dedicated to producing higher quality products and reducing the overall cost of operations. The administrative management theory is the other closed model, and it was formulated by Henri Fayol, and it operated in the organizations with a formal structure. According to the approach, there are particular principles which an organization can adopt which will play a large role in achieving a specific goal (Flynn 12).

Administration in organizations is the other subtopic in the chapter and the challenges which are faced in the administrations in the organizations. Coming up with the specific leadership approach which will lead the organization to success and same time motivate the workers a challenge. There are various leadership styles which can be chosen from, and the management must ensure that the approach they chose is best suited for the organizational operations. There are other challenges such as developing the skills required in leadership which will move along with the chosen leadership type. The mechanisms of administration have also been discussed, and there are the methods that the leaders chose when leading an organization. The methods are related to the administrative approaches, and these include participating in the daily operations with the workers, being a dictator by giving rules and expecting to be followed daily. Other leaders are transformational which means they concentrate on creating changes in the organization, those which will increase productivity, the satisfaction of customers and workers and achieving the set goals. Administration in the public organization takes a different approach since customer satisfaction comes fast. It thus requires the leaders to adjust their mechanisms and tactics to ensure that client satisfaction has been attained (Denhardt and Robert 22).

Change is being witnessed in the structure of the organizations which mostly results from the incorporation of technology in the operations and changing of the public organizations. Technology has developed in almost all sectors including production. There are new technological approaches which have been developed for improved production where the quality and quantity of the products is improved. The changes in public organization are meant to achieve their effectiveness by ensuring that only the best approaches are chosen in overall operations.

There is an unlimited change which takes place in the organizations since they do not have control over what is taking place in the external environment. The surrounding impacts both the public and the nonprofit organizations. Factors such as environmental pressures require organizations to follow certain established rules in their environment for the protection of the surrounding are unavoidable and have to be followed. Political changes, for example, when there is political stability, a peaceful environment for the development of a firm is available. However, instability may result in war and destruction of the business happens, thus creating a loss to the owner. There are laws and regulations which prohibits certain activities which may be considered beneficial to an organization, such as participation in international trade. When agency openness has been ordered, it means that their operations are put to light. Such information would be used to create a negative public image which may destroy an organization. The competitors may also take such information to come up with better competition strategies against a business (Henry 68).


Some factors in the internal and external environment may interfere with the operations of a business. Bad leadership and management which may take longer to be recognized and change, for example, can cause the fall of a business. It calls for defining duties, such as having a leadership structure to ensure that the management is aware of their roles and that they are responsible for anything which may happen during their watch. The iron triangle approach is useful when an organization is having other partners and calls for making policies which will perfectly suit each organization.

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