Essay on Understanding Biasness in Decision-Making: Ethical Considerations

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
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Date:  2023-07-21

Response to Post 1

The post is relevant to the topic and address all the questions from managerial perspectives. The post identifies the importance of understanding biasness in decision-making and also their impact on the process. From the post, it clear that decision making is a critical process that requires self-awareness to avoid business and other related factors. I agree with my classmate that self-awareness serves a significant role in decision making and managerial operations.

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On ethical considerations, the post provides a clear understanding of the role of ethical concerns when making a decision. Self-awareness and ethical concerns serve a common purpose in managerial activities, I, therefore, concur with my classmate on the importance of soldering ethical factors when making a decision. I agree that ethics acts as the backbone of an organization because it helps to carry out managerial duties effectively in a multinational corporation and address issues of diversity.

Response to Post 2

The post significantly analyses the role of self-awareness and its role in leadership. I aggress with my classmate that self-awareness is essential to leaders because it helps to incorporate self-reflection when making decisions. With self-awareness, leaders would be able to make the right decisions and perform managerial duties as expected. It is unethical to involve biasness, emotional, and other negative elements in the process of decision making because they influence negative judgments and poor leadership.

I concur with my classmate that ethics serve as a vital element in leadership and decision making in an organization. This is because he or she addresses this issue from experience, thus bringing a clear understanding of ethical concerns in management. The post elaborates on the importance of cultural diversity and how Air Force tartest cultural diversity brings a clear understanding for managers to consider making decisions effectively to address all members collectively.

Response to Post 3

The post defines self-awareness as the ability to develop self-reflection and self-examinations when making decisions; this provides a clear concept of self-awareness in management. I agree with my classmate that lack of self-awareness brings wrong impressions about issues and trigger poor decision making. Also, the post clearly describes how business affects decision making; I agree with my classmate that biasness distracts the ability to analyses a problem, thus leading to poor decision making.

Furthermore, the post addresses ethics in an organization; it true that ethics serve a critical role in the management and that managers should observe ethical issues while making-decision at management level. My classmate also affirms that following the standard of ethics is vital in managerial operations; I agree with this fact because decision-makers must ensure that there is no biasness and other related factors to poor decision making. The post, however, does not address all the sections of the prompt, which would help to understand better what he or she believes about ethical diversity and management multinational corporations

Response to Post 4

I agree with my classmate that leaders are responsible for ensuring that that they make informed decisions to avoid misleading their subjects. He or she identifies that self-awareness helps to achieve this responsibility. If the leader fails to incorporate self-awareness in decision making, he or she is likely to make biased decisions. I concur with my classmate that leaders should be encouraged to develop self-awareness because this can help to improve leadership skills and the capacity to make excellent decisions.

According to the post, bounded awareness helps managers to make informed decisions. On the other hand, it is right to say that motivation affects the process of decision making because it defines the objectives and goals. I agree with my classmate with he or she addresses the impact of biasness and emotional concerns when it comes to decision making. Furthermore, the post address the issues of diversity and management of the multinational corporation. I agree with my classmate that all cultures with a diversified organization should be addressed equally without considering background differences.

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