Essay on the Play 'Tempest' by Shakespeare: Alternative Ending

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Date:  2022-05-16


In the last scene, Prospero was saying goodbye to Gonzalo, Sebastian, and Alonso and the play 'Tempest' by Shakespeare left the audience hanging. The essay will provide an alternative ending the three actors so that there is a complete set of the play. The actors continue to live on Island despite the fact that they felt that it is forsaken. Both Sebastian and Gonzalo would choose to stay in Island so that they can continue taking care of Prospero. He asks them to stay with him and they would help him carry out farming, and fishing to provide for themselves. Due to his old ae Prospero makes his son the king.

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Love and Prosperity: Caliban and Ariel's Journey

Rather than competing with a long from Prospero I would show the audience what happened to each actor. Some would have a good life while others would end up in total tragedy. Caliban and Ariel would realize their love for each other when they are sailing across the ocean. They would marry and start up a family built on love and understanding. Later after their marriage, they would be blessed with many children. They would carry out famine and produce more harvest than they did in the last years. Their life would be happy and successful without any oppression. They later marry on their farm and are blessed with spirit fish children. They later marry on their farm and are blessed with spirit fish children. Ferdinand and Miranda would be rules of Napes where they would rule in justice without mistreating their subjects. They would be loved by their subjects because they have made them prosper in all ways.

Prospero's son would be incapable of ruling Island and the people would continue to suffer. The land would be faced by epidermic causing deaths of many people. Huner would also make them suffer since there would be few farm produce. The nation would appear as if it is cursed and everyone would turn against Prospero's son for making their country unproductive. Having no other option, he would be forced to step down from the throne and Boatswain would take power and rule with justice. He being an experienced leader from what he learned from Prospero, he would make Island a peaceful nation where no enemy would want to attack it. people would also live in love and harmony because there would be no dictatorship in the government and the people would not feel oppressed. Island would also be the most prosperous nation under Boatswain and they would produce food in plenty for self-consumption and also sell the surplus to the neighboring nations.


The country would develop and Boatswain would start to make it economically. Antonio would continue serving Prospero and take all the insults and harsh treatment he gets from him. Every being in Island would be happy and fulfilled. No one would think of leaving the nation because it would be the best country for anyone. Prospero would continue giving advice to the king and correct him whenever he is wrong for the good of the nation. People would continue carrying out their activities happily. When the play ends all the actors would come bows out and waves their hands and an imaginary audience who would be clapping.

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