Essay on the Gun Control Issue in the United States

Date:  2021-04-22 05:12:02
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#1: Concerning the status quo on gun control

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The regulations on usage of the gun need the checking of an individuals background on criminal activities for all sales of guns. Besides, gun limits have always be present and that great number of Americans comprises of gun holders and supporting innovative gun limitations. The con concerning status quo on gun control claims that second improvement of the United States constitution protects ownership of individual gun (Jones & Stone, 2015). The well-synchronized militia is vital to the safety of the Free State, the precise activities of the individuals to maintain the tolerate arms that remain infringed.

Another con shows that the regulations on gun do not discourage activities of crime, but possession of gun encourages criminal activities. From the cases determined amid 1980 and 2009, arms attack prohibition did not notably influence murder rates at affirm stage together with states with limitations on the possession ofcovered weapons to have superior cases of crimes that relates to gun activities. Besides, firearm control regulations infringe on the right to defense while denying individuals the intelligence of security (Esposito et al., 2014). Firearms regulations, specifically laws that attempt to forbid attack arms tend to infringe on the accurate to ownership of firearms used for activies of hunting along with sports.

#2: How to fix the problem

There is a need to regulate gun-related crimes by setting the requirements to have the restrictions on sales and distributions of the weapons used for attack. The registration law imposed to every firearms holder can help in identifications of the gun owner in any case their guns are applicable in criminal activities (Jones & Stone, 2015). Besides, an establishment of a registry of all firearms owners in different nations and the need for a permit for all purchased firearm aid in controls the possession and usage of weapons. For example, in Australia, cases of gun homicide rate dropped by about forty-two percent in the seven years after passage of gun control law. Therefore, increase in public sense of security, accountability among owners of guns, and reducing a number of guns can help in fixing the problem of trade-offs on gun controls.

#3: A distance alternative

The authorities can legalize the trading of weapons by giving a limit for every gun holder to possess a permit in purchasing guns. The idea will facilitate the citizens that abide by the law to remain non-dangerous to the society, as they will continue to enjoy their rights of owning the guns without any sense of jeopardising the life of other people in the community (Hirsch et al., 2010). Additionally, increasing security around the communities will aid in controlling trade-offs on guns. People will be able to feel secure and those who tend to secure gun need to undergo a stern treat before they can obtain weapons. Changes in policing strategies like increased patrols in hot spots, deployment of programs that features corporations amid law enforcement, surveys, and community leaders such as project safe neighborhoods are some of the available policies that can help in reduction of the rate of gun violence in a country. The countries have to support measures to restrict gun trades by translating the action into their constitutions.


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