Essay Sample on Manifest Destiny: Recreating the American Southwest

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Date:  2023-05-09

The main idea that is expressed in Manifest Destiny: Recreating the American Southwest is the idea that the United States was meant to expand its influence past the previous region into North America. That was because of the various aspects of success that the region was forecasted to have. That was because of different reason; which enhanced the idea that the destiny of America was meant to be greater than it actually was. First was through the virtues of the American society, the mission through the agrarian image and the motivation society as the whole had to achieve their objectives. That was the primary argument that the author had in the piece of literature. The reading is significant because of multiple reasons; first, showing the dream of the American people; which was to achieve various milestones of success. Furthermore, it was to appreciate the values that the people enjoyed at that time. The values were significant because based on them; the society would end up being a better place, and conquering other territories. The motivation of society is another significance of the reading. That is because it encouraged the people to plan and develop in their own way; so that the American society would be better with time. That was the American dream at that time; to make the community a better place and make its influence make it have an advantage over the other neighbouring territories.

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The critical issues that the author highlights are virtue, mission and destiny of the American society. The author had the principal idea of highlighting the basis of a progressive society. The three formed the pillars of the liberal society, according to the author. The virtues were responsible for maintaining an accountable society; which is capable of growing. Mission formed the goals and objectives that the nation had; which could be achieved when people were committed to a particular course of action. Lastly, was destiny; which was related to religion. People were expected to have their day to day life based on faith and doing God's work. That would enable them to live a life that is virtuous so that the welfare of the society would be taken care of in the best way possible. The author supports his main arguments by providing evidence of how the three pillars can enable American community to achieve its destiny of being dominant among other territories (Pratt, 1927). The principal idea was to make America great, whereby it conquered and acquired the neighbouring states. The strongest point of the reading is the fact that the author proves America was on the right path to its destiny. However, the weakest link is stating that it was entirely based on the factors mentioned in the article. That is not true because the success achieved was as a result of multiple factors that came into play.

Through the work, the point that the author stresses is the issue of consistency and planning. That is whereby the parties that make up the plot had a great plan; which had the goal as the American destiny. Moreover, he stresses continuity through sticking to a given plan; which created a path towards destiny. The author chose the time period that the article is based on because of the various events that occurred during that time. That highlighted the most important aspects about the destiny of America. That is because there was the display of how powerful it was among the neighbouring territories. That was the primary goal of the article. The title the author chose is good for the report; as it is a summary of the central theme, the destiny of America. Thus, throughout the article, the author builds upon it through various illustrations. I loved the reading because of its informative nature, and the examples that support the author's main arguments.


Pratt, J. W. (1927). The origin of" manifest destiny". The American Historical Review, 32(4), 795-798.

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