Essay on Reviving Montessori Schooling: A Positive Transformation in North America

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Date:  2023-02-06


There has been the development of motivation in most of the cities from the East coast to the west to revive the classes. There has been a significant transformation of the schools from a low-lying to one of the most expensive and popular. There had been a challenge in the education of Montessori, which seems to be taking a positive turn in North America. Through measures that principles and other concerned teachers that have raised the issues and adopted the means to revive the schooling intention for purposes of improving education. The interested teachers have even gone an extra step to write informative books that help to help young children know the value of education. The methods used by Montessori help children of various ages. The unique system of education, especially for young children, draws attention towards the school (Burnett, 2019). This paper, therefore, seeks to assess the methods that have been used to enhance and revive the education systems invented by Montessori.

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As Montessori was working through different nations trying to spread the knowledge about education, there were various challenges that she encountered. A good example is in America where the responses were that; First, Montessori's education theory was mainly for the discovery and inventions that were not encouraged since they were not in the original mode of teaching. Secondly, Montessori uses many techniques in support of peer school; therefore, she required higher financial support. Lastly, the three R's are taught to the children at an early age to equip them with the relevant skills and apply them in their lives from a very young age (Mills & McDaniels, 2019).

Issues Addressed

The primary issue addressed is concerning the current and previous existence of Missouri education system since the period that it was introduced and the current state of education. The articles both concentrate on the presence of knowledge among them being the cause of the education system being revived (Burnett, 2019). The people that believe in the activities of the past are not at par with the revival of the system. There are criticisms also addressed in the articles. The future of the system of education including the manners that the system will be of help to the children through the application of the previous method of teaching and learning for the younger children (Mills & McDaniels, 2019).

Perspectives of the Articles

According to Mills & McDaniels (2019) gives descriptive details of the history of the Montessori education systems and discussion of the various areas which the system has been applied with feedbacks of how the policy has been viewed in a particular area. For example, in San Francisco, Dr. Montessori went to the country and introduced the system, and from the look of things, the children could be seen that they were enjoying their classes. The same case applied to America, where the approach by Montessori was appreciated because children were observed to be enjoying their lessons. The articles have a positive perspective towards the system of education that is described to be appropriate, especially for the children. The methods used are creative for a young mind making the children ready to learn always. The only challenge is the financial expenses requires to support the programs, but it is an issue that can be dealt with to ensure that the children are exposed to education. The perspective is to encourage an open mind toward acquiring knowledge for all the children using the revived and improved method of learning.

Agreement/ Disagreement in the Articles

The articles agree in various perspectives like; Montessori's education system was the first to be introduced and that it was helpful, especially for the younger children as they begin to acquire life skills. The articles also agree that the system has been modified in the current day and is also very helpful for the children. Children have the freedom as they learn such that they are not put under pressure that the children have to learn all that they can. The articles also agree that measures have been put in place to enhance the education systems and therefore improve the status of education.

The articles did not agree in some perspectives like; the intention of Montessori when she began spreading the method of teaching in other regions. Some reports indicate that the system to some seems to be very expensive. The application and learning materials raise a question in the manner that they are supposed to be applied to be beneficial for the students in their current life and the future.

State of Higher Education Today

According to Burnett (2019), the current system of schooling discusses that nurseries and kindergarten use most of Montessori's ideas, although they have made modifications to the systems in the Orthodox School. The materials used are not from the older version but have been modified due to times changing and modernization. Although the old materials still exist, new tools have been introduced. With the help of their teachers, the students can understand the concepts. Montessori's introduction and original teaching materials are still used that makes a positive sign revealing that the methods were helpful. The techniques help children to be creative and to know what is expected of them the moment particular working tools are given for purposes of learning.


The system of education can be revived only if people adopt the right attitudes towards the system. Considering that the children enjoy learning and the activities that they are engaged in while at school. Good thing comes with effort, and the same also applies to education with the system being described for example the parents should be ready to sacrifice for the sake of their children other than talk about the high prices. Without doubt, this system of education being revived will be a great advantage mostly for young children at school.


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