Essay on Nurse Workforce Shortage: Supporting Seniors' Access to Quality Care

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Date:  2023-03-26

My name is (Name), and I am a practicing nurse residing in this state. Over the years, nurses have been experiencing longer working hours due to a workforce shortage. Patients also are not able to access quality care on time due to the congestion at most hospitals within the state. This in support of bill S. 2993: Ensuring Seniors' Access to Quality Care Act by Mark Warner which seeks to amend various aspects of the Social Security Act with respect to nursing facility requirements and for other purposes (GovTrack, 2019).

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Due to the convergence of patients into the health framework, the retirement of people born after WW2, and instructive baby boomers, nursing positions are not being topped quick enough to keep off with requests. While superficially, it might appear to be a straightforward market interest condition, the genuine reason and anticipated impact are substantially more entangled the weight of a nursing shortage impacts on medical caretakers who are working in the field. As more nurses' resigned or change professions and fewer attendants enter the field, the work is heaped higher on those left working (Lambert, C. E. et al., 2015).

At the point when the Affordable Care Act was passed, it gave more Americans access to medicinal services administrations and thus expanded the quantity of patients looking for care. As per Bradley College, 92 percent of emergency rooms report persistent congestion. That means expanded tight sit occasions for patients. However, it additionally implies more assessments for medical caretakers and higher strain to treat patients productively.

Fewer nurses mean that the ones who are utilized experience a higher remaining burden, and frequently need to cover moves or stay at work past 40 hours to keep patients secured. Compassion weariness can influence parental figures who are not ready to set aside effort for themselves or who are excessively worried in their workplace. Negligible rest from getting additional movements, joined with the enthusiastic vitality required to think about extra patients, can add to burnout, and accidentally cause the quality of patient management to decrease (Cozine, M. et al., 2016).

There several measures that can be taken up to curb the above issue efficiently; health is a vital component of society. The state should hold a sitting with health stakeholders in accordance to bill H.R. 728 so as formulate means through there more nurses hence providing the platform for maximum service delivery and better working conditions.

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