Essay on Nurse-Led Education Program to Ensure Patient Safety for Influenza Prevention

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Date:  2023-07-02

A nurse has ethical implications on any project aimed at educating the public about a particular health issue. As a nurse, it is our role to keep patients and the rest of the population safe from avoidable health complications and stay informed (Kim et al. 2016). In my assignment to carry out the influenza program to provide education to the community, particularly in the senior citizen centers, I would consider focusing on patient safety protocols and the effectiveness of the program to ensure positive outcomes. This group of people is at high risk for influenza because most of them have various health considerations that make them vulnerable. This article, therefore, describes community education projects at the senior citizen facility. This project aims to promote health and disease prevention at the community level.

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First, I will consider developing a health education program that addresses issues associated with influenza, prevention, and mainly explain in the perspectives of the senior citizens in the facility. Since this is a community- based education project, I would consider using a language understandable by the subjects. To effectively implement the program, I will identify resources and opportunism that would help to address the issues effectively at the community level. This would include the use of media campaigns and mobilizing other members of the community to assist in the process.

As a trusted and reliable member of the community on health issues, I will use this opportunity to set a good example and routinely promote health in this setting. Influenza is a viral disease that spread rapidly from person to person (Akatsu et al. 2016), educating senior citizens about the disease, cause, way transmission, and prevention strategies will also help to meet the project's objectives. I will consider building cooperation with the local community authorities to help in facilitating the project. I will mobilize local boards and authorities and organize fundraising programs to promote the project and address issues facing the vulnerable in the community. To evaluate the effectiveness, I will assess the outcomes of the program in terms of active participation, the achievement of the project goals, and use measurable data to determine the progress impacts of the project in the community.


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Akatsu, H., Nagafuchi, S., Kurihara, R., Okuda, K., Kanesaka, T., Ogawa, N., ... & Yamamoto, T. (2016). Enhanced vaccination effect against influenza by prebiotics in elderly patients receiving enteral nutrition. Geriatrics & gerontology international, 16(2), 205-213.

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