Essay on Technology Problem Analysis

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Date:  2021-04-02

The app-based taxi service Uber has been revolutionary in many aspects as far as public transportation is concerned. Its basic tenet relies on certainty, in that users do not have to wait by the roadside and hope a taxi shows up. Users of the technology simply call up the nearest taxi-cab to their location and have the luxury of timing it to the last few moments before completing their tasks. Lower costs are also an added advantage.

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To its management, there are several glaring problems associated with the firm that not only taint its reputation but also undercuts the many advantages it has to offer to society in general terms.

Despite the many advantages associated with the technology their still remains challenges that affect the technology. The lower costs of using the technology mean the drivers get lower returns as compared to conventional taxi cabs. Due to the lower wages, it reduces their enthusiasm for the job and curtails performance. The firm is also guilty of surge pricing, which is basically hiking the price rates during heavy traffic.

Its insurance policy has been called to question several times over questions that it does not cover its drivers while on duty. In addition to its insurance challenges, the company has been called to question over the treatment of its drivers. This was brought about by the dismissal of some of its drivers due to small trivial matters that could otherwise have been resolved in-house.

While reporting on the challenges facing the firm to family and friends, I would mostly focus on trivial matters that affect directly on their day-to-day usage of the service such as customer relations. Drivers of the cabs are rarely locals that know their clients from a social standpoint. This inhibits their social interactions with their clients a culture than has been the mainstay of the taxi business for ages.

There also remains a constitution that is not tech-savvy and finds it hard to navigate usage of the service as it remains mostly technological. Although the technology may seem new, it has been in use for some time now by some firms such as airport taxis that tracked passenger flights so that they can be at the airport the minute their clients landed. These problems still remain a challenge to the firm, its users and would-be clients. It is should be paramount for the firm to set upon an agenda to remedy some of this challenges.

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