Essay on Mental Mapping: A Tool for Comparing Complex Topics & Ideas

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Mental mapping is an excellent way to take notes for specific types of topics. Teaching chemistry, history, and philosophy with overlapping or complex topics and abstract ideas is a similarity in this way. Use mind maps to learn to compare several topics with an idea or to get a deeper insight into it. For example, if you attend a conference about the fall of the Roman Empire, start with this idea in the middle, then draw the "dots" of all the things that caused the fall of Rome when your teacher listed them. Things like debt, irresponsible leaders, attacks from neighboring tribes, etc. Go deeper for a later review and add some sub-concepts to each branch.

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Flow Notes

A memory-based approach is ideal for students who wish to improve their ability to learn in the classroom and reduce the time spent on future exploration. Information about the flow of information should act as a student and not as a teacher. Write a theme, draw arrows, make a small scribble with drawings and drawings. Try to learn more as you write. You may be in history and your teacher is talking about the Battle of Hastings and you remember what happened in 1066 and what happened in 1066 events around the world. Write this fact and draw links.

Bullet Journaling

This is my favorite. It is a style that captures the memory I use frequently, both inside and outside the classroom. If you are a better person for aesthetics, such as: For example, if you are a student, this approach may be the best for you. When he writes in his bullet diary, he turns the blank page into a good representation of his thinking process. Try it to analyze different parts of other brand styles. You can switch from one page to another to get mind maps, the other for flow notifications and even access the Sonic the Hedgehog schedule or another scribble. This is your newsletter. It is your newspaper! This method has no problem. It can be difficult to write notes quickly. The purpose of a newsletter is to keep your diary organized and interesting. This can be difficult if you publish information as soon as possible. One way to remedy this is to take notes during the course in the plan or use another method, and then publish them in your journal for review.

Question 6As a threshold in the content format of the Ellen DeGeneres program, Ellen regularly presents one of the first interviews and/or public appearances of the last online stars. From Sophia Grace to Rosie, the pink-haired teenager in Nicki Minaj's love dress and the most talented young artist, Alex of the Goal, a summary of an ephemeral network about a hypnotic and ephemeral employee. and soon. Lil Hank Williams, a famous teenager at Walmart in 2018. He also invites all the celebrities of this moment to join him and talk about his rise to fame (Schill and John Hendricks, 32). For example, after Tane's Virtue and Scott Moir captured the hearts of the world at the Pyeongchang Ice Show this winter, he greeted them during their show (Young & Lukk, 2017). Interviews across Talk-Show Sub-Genres in the 2016 Presidential Election. The Presidency and Social Media: Discourse, Disruption, and Digital Democracy in the 2016 Presidential Election. In this way, Ellen re-enters the viral target in her program, adding a new look and glamor that can focus on the content she has to offer. As he is known for this in recent years, people anxiously await his show and expect these episodes to receive more information from viral stars.

Ellen posts her interviews on YouTube page and uses "click culture" without using hyperbolic names, but present a list of clicks in your episodes. By aggressively linking your name with the "hype" of the Internet, your audience and audience improve as the network creates a new fashion of thought. This has made your brand an integral part of the "cool crowd" in a rapidly changing online social environment (Nakamura, 37). Ellen's use of speed in this way remains true to previous versions of his brand. While he looked at the same genre in his character to Ellen, writing a television story while watching television, he knew he had to invent stories for his name (Schill and John Hendricks, 28). That he knows that passion can be negative is controversial. In his interview with Oprah, he even admitted: "I knew it would be important, but I didn't know if it would be so good." Despite his experience in the industry, he decided to do what he did. He made the most interesting statement for his comedy show and, finally, for his brand.

Ellen has always enjoyed the time that she is. Whether it was good or bad, he found ways to gain people's attention and take care of it. Another example of her ability to predict future trends: Ellen predicted "Clickbait" against this idea of internet culture by building it throughout her career.

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Schill, Dan, and John A. Hendricks. The Presidency and Social Media: Discourse, Disruption, and Digital Democracy in the 2016 Presidential Election., 2018. Internet resource.

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