Essay on Industrial Psychology: Matching Employees to Job Roles for Cultural Competence

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Wordcount:  400 Words
Date:  2023-02-11

Industrial psychology (a branch of I/O psychology) is one of the critical aspects in the management of employees in an organization, and it focuses on matching the individual employee to particular tasks (Britt et al. 2016). Application of this aspect involves critical analysis through job or task description. The organization must describe the characteristics of the applicants to match with job analysis or specifications. To promote cultural competence in an organization, it is essential to ensure that employee assessment approaches are appropriate and effective. Proper selection and evaluation of applicants promote employee reliability and competence This paper, therefore, discuss the importance of assessment and the factors that should be considered when choosing suitable assessment in an organization.

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The goal of the applicant assessment is to give assurance on the candidate's ability to perform the task as expected in the position applied for (Georgiou, Gouras, & Nikolaou, 2019). Through letters, interviews, and questioners, applicants will give the information that the employers will expect and therefore, selection, and evaluation process helps identify and test applicant's suitability for a particular position. One of the factors to consider includes the time frame, appropriate assessment of applicants should have a schedule because in most cases psychological assessment approach requires more time. To ensure proper assessment and positive results time frame plays an important role. Secondly is organization's short-term or long-term goals., assessment of applicant should be based on specific features (Ryan & Derous, 2019). The assessment should be customized to fit organization's requirements, goals, and job specification. Another consideration is the personnel required to conduct the process, assessment of applicant should be carried out by highly qualified personnel to adequately evaluate applicant's ability to complete the task and the related responsibilities of the job. Also, the necessary skills required for a particular job position; this involves the valuation of the current employees in that position to identify the abilities and skills required for the candidates.


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