Essay on Illinois Institute of Technology: Practical Education with Modest Means

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Date:  2023-05-29

Established in an era of social transformation and a strong economy, Illinois Institute of Technology devotes to practical education with modest means for young people like me. Much appreciation to the executive Allen Cleveland Lewis, who invested in the establishment of the institution that is now offering Information Technology and Management programs for graduate and undergraduate certificates. The institution has over a hundred courses of specific careers with specialization in practical and theoretical contents for the curriculum. I have an interest in Illinois Institute of Technology as am a student with an academic background and interested in information technology. The importance comes from one of my motivators and alumni of the university Martin Cooper who graduated with a doctorate and master's degree with innovation that helped the cell phone device, something that people regularly rely on daily activities. Dennis Melas as my neighbour motivates me as he works at the Locomotive Control Systems Group as a manager. My interest comes from his being alumni at the university.

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I possess a high-caliber for active learning with the institution gear towards promoting and enlightening the lives of people with the research they conduct. Excellent work from the institution that interests me for mechanical engineering is the innovative design of the Kaplan Institute, whereby it is sustainable with LEED Gold design on the second floor of the building. The institution used the first kind in Chicago dynamic Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene foil cushions providing sunshade over the ground floor. The building's appearance is cloud-like, with sophisticated pneumatics varying the solar energy inflowing to the building. Illinois Institute of Technology architecture is very advanced and important to me as my approach to advance technologically through learning. A well-rounded curriculum from the institute makes me admire the program of mechanical engineering, and it will exceptionally help me to be innovative and become a successful individual.


I believe if given a chance for the four years will learn a lot and be a positive contributor to our community through a social and educational experience. I will be prepared to strive in the business world and fight the challenges of life. Illinois Institute professors are intellectual, making me consider more for your prestigious university since it will offer me educational resources and opportunities for internships in my professional career. I will have a positive influence for the four years if you give me a chance to join the Illinois Institute of Technology. I give much appreciation for your institutional consideration in my application and looking forward to your admission decision. Thank you for your attention and time.

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