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A hospital organization should have committees that help to provide efficient services. The organization structure of a hospital is a functional organizational structure which defines the roles undertaken and the main managerial positions assigned to this roles. A committee structure is a complement of the overall hospitals organizational structure. The joint conference committee consists of medical staff representatives, the administration and the medical board of directors. Functions of a hospital including pharmacy and therapeutics, infection control, health records among others are monitored by the committee. A committee creates a structure that has organized activities and it is accountable for its functions. The size of a committee depends on the hospitals department structure. The size can be increased to ensure a quorum for business to be conducted.

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Board of Directors Committee

Medical Advisory Committee.

The committee promotes high standards of medical care in the hospital. It is responsible for monitoring and approval of initiatives meant to improve the quality of care given to the patients. It also supervises dentistry, midwifery, and the medicine practice. The size varies with time. The maximum number of the medical practitioners is eight and at least one member with no pecuniary interest in the hospital facility. The members should be able to represent their professions perspective and the communitys interest.

Executive Committee

The committee accounts for patients care to the board of directors. It coordinates medical staff activities and makes any necessary recommendations concerning medical issues. It consists of 13-15 members including elected officers of medical staff, chairpersons of various medical departments and physicians who are on the medical board of directors.

Finance and Audit Committee

The committee gives advice on financial policies to the board of directors and monitors the financial status of a health care facility. It also makes a report on how resource allocation is effective. There should be at least three members of the committee. All members should be non-executive board members with at least one member having relevant and recent financial experience. The board chairman is not a committee member.

Quality and Performance Monitoring Committee

Their focus is on assisting the board in fulfilling its responsibilities on organization performance, the safety and patient's quality, risk management and monitoring the hospitals requirements. There is no specific limit to the number, but the members should be at least one-third of the board members being voted in. Additional members can be appointed to the committee to meet the hospital needs and the community.

Human Resource Committee

It oversees development of human resource strategy and its implementation. It also assists the board in executing of human resource priorities which include establishment of monitoring criteria. It consists of at least three members. The members should have knowledge and expertise in human resource.

Governance Committee

It is a standing board committee whose role is to assure the board that the mechanisms of governance are in the right place and are working efficiently. Consists of at least eight members. It also assists to improve the functioning and infrastructure of the board. The committee should be able to plan ahead for changes in the board, and they should have leadership qualities.

Committee Structure

Administrative committee - Board of directors committee

Infection and control committee

Blood bank committee

Tumour board committee

Pharmacy and therapeutic committee

Medical records committee

Medical advisory committee.

Executive committee

Finance and audit committee

Quality and performance monitoring committee

Human resource committee

Governance committee

Administrative Committee.

The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

It is concerned with the approval of all medications use in an institution together with pharmacy programs. The committee also reviews formulary medication data and offers recommendations to the medical staff. They oversee drug therapy of an institution. It consists of at least 11 members with the head of the pharmacy as the chairperson. The committee individuals should have special expertise in certain drug type and devices.

Infection Controls Committee

Their aim is to minimize patients and employees risks. They monitor equipment which is being used and evaluates new products already ordered or are in consideration. They also provide information on equipment and products. The members are at least eleven with the head of microbiology as the chairperson. The members should have knowledge of the various infection control policies.

Medical Record Committee

They are decision makers on medical record policies, procedures, and forms which are relevant to medical records management. The committee has three to six members. The members are representatives of the various hospitals clinical services. They should have an interest in good medical records and are prepared to give an incentive to others.

Tumour Board Committee

Its role is to formulate policies that govern the management of cancer patients in the hospital. It also monitors the care quality given to these patients and conducts educational programs that facilitate implementation of policies concerned with the management of cancer patients. The members should be at least 6 with the head of oncology as the chairperson. The members should have multidisciplinary specialties i.e. medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, and radiation oncologists.

Blood Bank Committee

They play a role in recruiting blood donors, maintenance of sufficient bloodstock, care of donor and the recipient and ensuring optimization of the available blood. It consists of at least 11 members with the head of hematology as the chairperson. The members should have expertise blood banking areas and transfusion medicine

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