Essay on Feminist Views

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Date:  2022-05-13


Women have for a long-time suffered in a society that has supported male chauvinism. This has made it hard for women to enjoy and live their lives to the fullest or even reach their potential since they have had limited opportunities. In the past, women were considered assistants to men and seen as home-makers as opposed to individuals that would equally help build the nation. In most societies, women were supposed to be seen and not heard as their input in the decision-making process was considered irrelevant. Due to the suffering that women had faced in the past, feminists came to the limelight as they advocated for the inclusion and appreciation of the female gender as equals. Kate Chopin, one of the renowned feminists, used her creative and critical thinking skills to come up with short stories that highlighted the plight of women in a society that rarely recognized the role they played in supporting their families and ensuring that children grew up in a safe environment despite being brought up by single parents.

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Kate Chopin's Story of an Hour depicts Mrs. Mallard, who had a heart condition receiving the unfortunate news that her husband might have been one of the victims that die in the railroad accident. Despite the caution taken to relay the news to her about the untimely death of her husband, Mrs. Mallard does not mourn, and her heart is filled with joy (Chopin ). She is in a celebratory mood of the possible death of her husband whereas the society and everyone around her expects her to be in deep mourning. Some of the assumptions that a reader can make from the story are that Mr. Mallard had not been a good partner to his wife which made Mrs. Mallard celebrate after hearing that he might have died. Mrs. Mallard ends up dying because of the over-joyous status of her heart. It can also be assumed that Mrs. Mallard had accumulated anger, depression, and hurt feelings in her heart and when she finally let them go, she had suffered the repercussions resulting in her death.

In The Storm, Alcee and Calixta are reminiscing the good memories they had had over the years when they were lovers and fall into the temptation of engaging in illicit sex despite each of them being married to different partners. The storm outside is high which prevents Calxita's husband, Bobinot, to return from the grocery store on time. On the other hand, Alcee writes his wife a letter and assures her that she can stay where she is with the kids as long as she desires. This makes Clarisse, Bobinot's husband to develop thoughts of freedom like when she was unmarried (Chopin 23). This depicts the kind of life she lived with her husband which made her feel like she was in a cage as she did not experience the happiness that comes with being married.


Women are to blame for the way children turn out to be when born in a marriage union. This mostly happens when there is a negative aspect of a child whereas if the kid is a good person, they are closely associated with the father. In Desiree's Baby, she is blamed for the dark color of her child by her husband despite Armand being the one with black ancestries (Chopin 2). The plight of women is highlighted as taking the blame in all situations in a marriage whereas a man is assumed to be right. Desiree leaves with her child to avoid the embarrassment that she had suffered under her husband.

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