Essay on Ducati: Management Change Led to Successful Ten-Year Journey

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Date:  2023-04-09


Within the previous ten years, Ducati has gone through both lows and highs, and its initial achievement mainly was alluded to the management change. The management was capable of setting new Ducati priority that emphasized on who they were as a firm and heavily depended on creating Ducati dissimilar for good reasons. The case states they had skillful engineers, unique products as well as loyal customers. They employed the strengths and resources together to challenge their aim of a 20% competitive ratio of EBITDA as well as double-digit the revenue growth (University of Navarra, 2017).

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An Internal Analysis Using The Value Chain Model

The value chain model Ducati Internal analysis looks at various support undertakings and how they contribute to the rise of competitive advantage. The perspectives strategy of Ducati changed radically with the new running in place and the creation of the "world of Ducati." Ducati world creation showed that Ducati was a dream, which is much more than a motorcycle; they marketed themselves, showing how people are valued. Through buying a Ducati, one became a Ducatisti and not a motorcycle owner, thus being given the unique class impression by owning a Ducati.

Also, unique Ducati meant the bike parts were unique, allowing the company to generate other sour e of revenue and outsourcing its part. The company is thus allowed to create more income from its consumers as the bikes are upgraded, maintained, or customized.

The Capabilities Of Ducati

Ducati shows their abilities by showing off who they are as a motorcycle firm. Ducati emphasizes their picture by being based enthusiastically on particular sports and motorcycle-based than growing to areas they are not familiarized to like trucks or scooters though they were gaining reputation. The Ducati Museum, production styles, uniquely made parts, and racing competitions contribute to the highly specific image that they created themselves for luxurious, stylish, and fast motorcycles.

Possible Strategic Options To Fix The Immediate Problems (Short-Term)

Ducati faces challenges in their concern in MotoGuzzi, client model gaining, and local disruption and mismanagement. Ducati should implement functional strategies such as invest more to development and research to continue attractiveness and innovation of the company, regulating the method they control overseas to battle their business failure in the US as well as continued exploitation through their presence in the media and significant racing events to continue reinforcing their image.

Long-Term Strategic Options

Ducati should start altering the norms of diverse groups or individuals to be more motorcycle acceptance in use to invest in new markets. Also, reducing the stigma linked with the driving risk of a motorcycle. The changes will require strategic planning to incorporate the new ideal or the way of life into areas such as Canada or the US, where vehicles are dominantly used; this will significantly develop the success of the market.

Also, the company should invest in philanthropy or charity to enhance corporate social responsibility. Through investing in the well-being of a charity or planet, individuals will have a great view of Ducati perfectly fitting along with their goals as well as increasing media presence.


University of Navarra (2017). Ducati: In Pursuit of Magic (A), 1-33

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