UAE Government Attempts to Formulate and Pass Additional Security Legislation in the IT Sector

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Date:  2022-11-20


In the contemporary age of vast and complex advancements made in the Information Technology sector, the issue of security has become an even more pressing matter. The advancements made in the sector are advantageous for a variety of reasons, but they also create loopholes which people with bad intentions can utilize with the intent to harm other users in the various sites that require internet connectivity. A recent study by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), a reputable organization, discovered that the United Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the world that is more prone to cyber-attacks than any other (Alsmadi, 2019). The results of the study and the recent trend are worrying, hence, the UAE's government's focus on the formulation and implementation of additional security to ensure the safety of users of various internet applications; these legislations will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs which will involve the analysis of these laws and the effect they have on security.

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Laws and Policies to Enhance Security in the UAE

One of the sectors that are lagging behind the rest of the world in the UAE is the lack of a law that prohibits the collection of personal data of the citizens of the country. However, there is a provision in the constitution that stipulates that individuals are entitled to the protection of their right to privacy across the various online media (UAE Government, 2018). To this end, prohibition is exercised on media platforms to prevent them from publishing personal data without prior permission from the subject. Owing to the laxity in the formulation and implementation of the legislation concerning security in Information Technology media, some advocates in the UAE have proposed and are still pushing for the implementation of laws as described in the following paragraphs.

A law that passed in 2012 is one on Combating Cybercrimes often referred to as the Cybercrime Law. It deals with the activities conducted online that would be termed as either identity theft, hacking or acts of fraud. According to the legislation, one who accesses unauthorized electronic information systems, networks or websites is liable to prosecution. Although the law has been in enforcement since 2012, the implementation is wanting, and this phenomenon has led some legislators and advocacy groups to enact stricter policies to make it more useful (STA Law Firm, 2018).

Another law that deals with personal security with regards to computer networks or electronic information systems is in Article 21 of the Cybercrime Law. The law prohibits the unauthorized access of personal information that can be used to harm a person's reputation, morale or security. The law encompasses all forms of unauthorized access which even includes photographing, eavesdropping and access to personal information through computer networks or other modes of information technology (A guide to Abu Dhabi's Legal Framework, 2017). The two laws mentioned above are doing their level best in combating cybercrime, but the process is ineffective due to the lack of an enforcement body. Therefore, advocacy groups are pushing for the creation of more robust enforcement agencies that will ensure that the enforcement of the legislation on protection of personal data is successful.

Telecommunications is the other significant industry in the UAE for a variety of reasons. For one, the industry has personal information of more than 97% of the residents, two, these subscribers are susceptible to attacks meted out by criminals who may have access to information systems of the various telecommunication providers and also, the various telecommunication providers have become lax in the protection of personal data of their clients. A law on the protection of personal information (TRA Consumer Protection Regulations) stipulates that telecommunication service providers should ensure that their systems are robust to protect against infiltration attacks aimed at stealing data of clients (Efthymiopoulous, 2018).

Another law that is security conscious is the Dubai Law No. 28, formulated in 2015, restricts the disclosure of personal data obtained in the course of collection of statistical information. Legislators have been pushing for stricter enforcement principles of the law as statistical data on the citizens is private information and thus a significant component of their security (Fox, 2019).

Just as Information Technology is pertinent to the advancement of a nation, so is healthcare. It is one of the most critical sectors in ensuring the maintenance of a nation's security. The UAE does not, however, have a law or legislation regarding the various healthcare policies and regulations that should be enforced to protect individuals from malicious individuals. The Dubai Healthcare City is a free zone that operates under the UAE government's mandate which allows it to maintain its data protection systems. The reason for this phenomenon is that healthcare is significant to the success of the country's economy, it is no wonder then that the free zone is the healthcare hub of Dubai. Since it is a free zone, it is full of practitioners from various countries who provide healthcare services to locals and foreigners in the region. The healthcare hub is however under Dubai Law No. 26 which was enacted in 2016 and asserts that data sharing aimed at enhancing innovation and economic prosperity is secure (Herbert Smith Freehills, 2018). Although the law is in place, advocacy groups and some legislators are of the opinion that implementation of more stringent legislation is necessary to provide more security.


The laws and regulations mentioned above are just a few of the governing policies that are either under-enforcement or advocacy to ensure stricter and more robust delivery of security measures to protect all the nationals against malicious activity. They, however, show the extent to which the government of UAE is committed to ensure that all the individuals residing and working within the region are safe from all aspects that pose a threat to their security. It is no wonder then that numerous agencies, government groups, and other advocates are always pushing for stricter legislation to ensure that security in the UAE is as strict as it can get. The move to make stricter regulations regarding security will always be present, and this is a comforting thought to all the residents in the UAE as they can be sure that whatever information they store, pass or retrieve is safe from people with malicious intentions.


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