Essay on Creating an A3 Map: Crafting an Informative & Understandable Map

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Date:  2023-05-23


An appropriate A3 map needs to provide sufficient information that will make it easy for a person to read and understand it well. When assessing these maps, an individual looks at its title, which should describe its purpose. Without a title, it would be impossible to understand the aim of the project. Moreover, a good A3 map should have a good structure, which makes it easy to understand. It should contain sections with each one having different information, such as the client's requirements, deliverables, supporting theory, Gantt chart, and contributions. Now, since there is no specific way of organizing these maps, some do not have all these sections, and this makes it hard to understand them. Moreover, another factor that makes it challenging to understand these maps is that they do not use space on the paper well. This failure causes them to squeeze information on some sections, making it hard to see their contents well. For instance, the first map in the provided ones lacks a good structure, causing part of its Gantt chart to spill to the next page.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of A3 Maps

The provided A3 maps are of different qualities, with the first three being poor and the last one being of the needed standard. Given that they were of dissimilar quality standards, each had factors that served as strengths and weaknesses. The first three maps had many weaknesses that made them get considered as poor maps. The first map does not specify the requirements of the client. Therefore, it is hard to assess how well its deliverables and models reflect the requirements. Secondly, it does not explain the reason for selecting the theoretical model. Thirdly, it fails to consider the industry's information. Finally, its reflection does not agree with the need for the project. Specifically, the reflection states that the project is not necessary. Among its strengths is that it establishes clear consulting goals and that it has a well elaborate timeframe.

The second map has many strengths and some weaknesses. Its strengths include having a good structure that shows the client's requirements, project's objectives, deliverables and supporting theories that are relevant to the client's requirements. However, its weaknesses are that it lacks a Gantt chart and it does not explain the logic behind the selected models. It also fails to consider information from the industry. The third map lacks most of the requirements of a good map, and therefore, it has many weaknesses. For instance, it does not have the client's requirements, its deliverables, reflection, theories, and contribution do not provide the necessary information. Finally, while it has a well-developed timeframe, this timeframe does not contain elements in the deliverables.

The fourth A3 map has many strengths, which make it get the rating of a good map. Specifically, it contains the client's requirements and its potentials to meet them. Its deliverables and proposed models also agree with the requirements. This map also explains the selected supporting theory and it also considers industrial information. Moreover, it has a well-developed timeframe that includes all the deliverables and its reflections and contributions reflect and agree with the client's requirements. Finally, this map has a good structure that uses space well, which makes all the information to fit in the page well. These factors make it get considered as a good map.

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