Essay on Coronavirus Impacts Education, Sports Sectors: Global Crisis Explored

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Date:  2023-06-11

Coronavirus is one of the major pandemics that have threatened the globe. The disease can be spread from one person to another through the fluid of an infected person when he/she sneezes, and the droplets of coughing come into contact with the nose of a healthy individual. Coronavirus disease has affected various fields of life. The education sector is one of the fields that has been undermined by coronavirus disease due to the sudden closure of the schools. When it comes to the sports industry, Coronavirus disease has led to the postponements and canceling of major leagues, thus lowering the income of different sports clubs. Restaurants and other public venues are the other industries that have been shut down to avoid social gatherings that might result in the faster spread of coronavirus disease from one individual to other. Moreover, coronavirus disease has impacted the lifestyles of people. The lifestyles of the people have totally changed from freedom as depicted in various fields for instance limitation of freedom of interacting with each other in a certain place, compared to before, whereby people could freely interact. The paper will, therefore, look at some of the impacts of coronavirus disease on the lifestyles of the people.

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The emergency of coronavirus pandemic has affected the lifestyles of the people in several ways. Firstly, coronavirus disease has exposed people to worries through their friends and relatives who are offering their services in different places of work. Nurses have also suffered a lot after the disease emerged because most nurses usually volunteer to provide their services to the infected patient. Due to shortages of protective clothes in some hospitals, nurses may end up risking their lives while treating infected patients. Mental stress is also common among nurses since they are separated from their families; hence, it is difficult for them to interact with their families (Zhang & Ma, 2020). Moreover, mental stress has affected the professions of nurses because they are unable to provide their services to the best of their abilities.

On my side, Coronavirus has impacted the lifestyle of my family through my sister, who has specialized in the field of nursing. She ended up being a victim of the disease unknowingly. The symptoms of the disease showed up, and she finally tested positive for coronavirus disease virus. Instead of being given immediate treatment by the healthcare organization, the organization failed to do so and forced her to continue with her usual work regardless of health condition. Therefore, her healthcare institution exposed her life to risk by not providing her with any kind of treatment. As a result of negligence from the health organization concerning her health condition, she finally suffered mental illness, thus leading to a stroke, which forced her to be hospitalized for a period of 2 weeks. During her treatment in the hospital, we were denied access by the healthcare institution to share with her. She was also stressed since she was unable to meet with her daughter, who was two months old.


In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has interfered with the lifestyles of the people, as discussed in the people. Coronavirus disease has affected many sectors, for example, the education sector, sports sector and restaurants. The education sector has ceased for a while due to the shutdown of all learning institutions. Sports clubs have been postponed thus less income to the respective sports organization. Restaurants activities are currently undermined by the spread of coronavirus disease through its closure to avoid social gatherings hence lowering the income that was normally generated. The closure of restaurants has negatively impacted the people by leaving them jobless; thus, they are not able to raise money for their basic needs. Coronavirus has led to the isolation of the infected people, hence limiting the freedom of association. Coronavirus disease has exposed them to anxieties and worries due to fear of being infected with the disease. Furthermore, Coronavirus disease has affected people


Zhang, Y., & Ma, Z. F. (2020). Impact of the covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health and Quality of Life among Local Residents in Liaoning Province, China: A Cross-Sectional Study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(7), 2381.

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