America's Pursuit of Happiness Essay

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Date:  2022-06-22


The first essay is an analysis of an interview with the inventor of the cell phone, a journal article that traces the history of the Gameboy and a telegraph regarding the success of the first airplane. The second article describes happiness regarding the discovery of life on Mars and space travel. The final piece is based on "Primary Document in American History" on The Declaration of Independence from 1776.

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The Mobile Phone, Nintendo Gameboy, and the Airplane

The invention of the mobile cell phone introduced flexibilities such as portable means of communication, the performance of desktop tasks and advancements such as interconnectivity through the internet (Anjarwalla). On the other hand, the innovation of the Gameboy to enhance wireless connection made it possible to have multiplayer capabilities. This allowed gamers to connect with others in other countries even after assimilation into the mobile cell phones. Similarly, the invention of the airplane enhanced the connection between people by facilitating efficient and affordable transportation to different parts of the world, besides promoting international trade. Various innovations are also anticipated in the transport and communication industries about transforming cell phones into wearable devices and the inception of teleportation.

The innovations incidental to the development of the telephone were key to ensuring that people had the liberty to connect with others from different locations whenever they wanted to. The innovation received a warm reception in New York and eventually other parts of the world, bearing in mind that it was imminent that everyone would own one at some point in time as it is today (Anjarwalla). Further, the innovations on the Gameboy were meant to facilitate entertainment which is a shared interest around the world considering their lion market share of up to 200 million sales across the world. On the other hand, the advancements incidental to the invention of the airplane were mean to facilitate efficient transportation to connect people from other parts of the world.

This perspective if happiness is similar to the position in America today. The quest for interconnectivity has influenced the modern perspective of happiness in America. For instance, the agitation for comfortable living in the suburbs depends on how people can easily interact through recreational facilities, linkage from one place to another through transportation and enable them to live in remote locations to the extent that distance is not a barrier to communication with others.

The Exploration of Mars

One of the justifications for the Mars Exploration Program by NASA is to establish chances of the red being a destination for the survival of human Kind (NASA Science Mission Directorate). Another premise for the establishment of the program was to cement the US position in international exploration of space. In this era, the quest for happiness has been attributed to nationalism and superiority of the United States in the global platform. This underlies the modern perspective of happiness as Americans today. In the contemporary generation of interconnectivity, happiness in America has similarly been influenced by its ability to distinguish itself from other people in the world stage through pleasant living and simplicity (Nicolaides and Wiese).

Freedom and Political Independence

The theme that defined the pursuit of happiness in America in the 18th century was the quest for political freedom. This quest for happiness began with fighting to gain political independence from Great Britain to acquire individual and natural rights. (The Library of Congress) To this end, happiness was first realized when true human equality was Accrued to all citizens. The next phase of happiness was defined by the state of the economy national living and comfortable living among the people. This was manifest when the country became shuttered after the great depression that threatened the happiness of Americans after the significant deterioration of the stock market and other sectors of the economy (The Library of Congress). Upon recovery from the great depression, happiness was defined with simplicity and agitation for the protection of self-rights and advocacy for peace through anti-war protests. This involved the quest for comfort, peace, love and the importance of the family and the welfare of the future generations.

The modern perspective of happiness regarding comfortable residential living is an advanced version of the quest for independence. The struggle for independence can be inferred as the brainchild for the pursuit of happiness in America. During the declaration, the people were conferred with the inalienable natural right life that would inherently accrue to them by being human in addition to the liberty to pursue happiness. These prospects created an enabling environment for Americans to pursue happiness.

The liberty to hold anti-war protests and agitate for inclusive social living in America Today draw their motivation from the liberalization of America during the declaration of independence. Thus, it is accurate to infer that 1776 was the time when America's pursuit of happiness was declared. The need to be liberated from British dominance inspired the quest for independence. Similarly, the pursuit of happiness today has motivated the need to reduce segregation and introduce social reforms in the current dispensation of suburbanization.

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