Essay on Apply for Master's in Engineering Management: My Journey to UoT Austin

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Date:  2023-04-09

Multiple aspects have been fundamental in my decision to make an application for further studies concerning a Master's degree program particularly in the discipline of Engineering Management. One of the factors includes my relentless love for the discipline of engineering especially when I commenced my undergraduate studies at the UoT (University of Texas) at Austin. Most fundamentally, I got an opportunity to be listed among the initial batch of cohorts to graduate froth the UoT at Austin with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Based on my learning experience as well as a recent article I read by Ramboarisata, and Gendron (429), the nature of the Engineering discipline implies that it should be more than an academic study to qualify in the position of satisfying both practical as well as intellectual interests particularly within the scope of management. As such I have an interest in the management function associated with the course. My interest is particularly motivated by the fact that I am confident that I possess a natural aptitude for guiding and advising other colleagues within the workplace setting along with the confidence within my judgment when faced with situations necessitating crucial decision-making processes concerning engineering planning, including the undertaking of those projects with appropriate methods.

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I strongly believe that the Austin online Master's program is a platform that fits well with my long-term career objective of eventually moving to a management position within the Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC), which is in charge of multiple engineers from across diverse regions in the world. As such I am certainly motivated by the context within which I plan to purse my future career based on the dynamic aspects of the LMC organization that involves one of the structural as well as engineering sensations of the contemporary technological globe. The LMC organization is basically a working setting that presents diverse challenges for the managerial engineers that necessitate resolution for numerous questions concerning leadership and management. Another motivation for my undertaking of the Master's program in Engineering management was guided by a book published by Lockheed Martin Corporation, which mentioned that the four segments of the merged LMC organization including electronics, space and strategic missiles, aeronautics, as well as information and technology became balanced between the LMC managers, thus offering equal opportunities for leadership (195).

I believe I have made the right choice to undertake the Austin's online Master of Engineering Management program primarily because the program fits with my other vital objective including the interest in a full-time engineering managerial position that aims at delivering worldwide solutions. This personal interest has been guided by the job experience I have had over the past approximately four years. Most fundamentally I have served under various capacities in different regions across the globe include Taipei, Taiwan, Austin, Texas, Ft Worth, TX, as well as in - Ft Worth, Texas. Between June and August 2016, I had an opportunity to serve as a Software Engineer Intern at Acer Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan. During this period I learned crucial engineering skills like product design advancement to R&D department team leads that were successfully implemented in future project designs utilizing the R Studio. Additionally, I learned the significance of consultations, advice, and teamwork as leadership skills through generating a data mining initiative using SQL that analyzed gamer experience to advise project managers about flaws and defects in hardware products.

Between June and August 2017 I moved to Austin, Texas and undertook a Software Developer Intern program at Charles Schwab, where I successfully developed a compare balances tool that compared balances using C# from two distinct web services (REST and SOAP) to eliminate any incorrect balance calculations. The most interesting experience during this program included the fact that I worked within an agile environment enabling fluid data transmission and frequent employee collaboration which assisted me to collaborate with other interns to create possible solutions to attract millennial to Schwab. As such, I further learnt the significance of both teamwork and collaboration between team members to attain success within the workplace. Before completing my undergraduate training, I was selected as the senior electrical engineering students' representative in my final year at university, where I gained some vital skill in resolving conflicts and working with others as part of a team. After completing my undergraduate training in 2018, I joined the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics organization located at Ft Worth, TX where I worked as Systems Engineer Associate between June 2018 and September 2019.

My experience has presented me with an opportunity to practice the management role which is a substantial indicator that I have the necessary capacity as well as the skills needed to undertake the Master's program. I am efficient in my management of time, a sharp analyst when confronted with problems, and a creative thinker with good powers of invention. I am professional in my attitude and focused in my career plans. The depth, range and indeed prestige of an online Master's degree program of Engineering Management from the University of Texas at Austin University would prepare me perfectly for my planned role, and I trust that you will consider my application.

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